September 11, 2014

Afternoon Tea @ Ruelo

I bought a groupon for afternoon tea for two at Ruelo Patisserie. I intended to go to the Richmond Hill location but it was fully booked for a couple of weeks. They suggested that I visit the Scarborough location instead, which I did. Unfortunately, the Scarborough store is situated in the middle of an industrial lot, and felt very cold and bare. It lacks the intimate vibe that I would want in an afternoon tea setting. 
We get a choice of coffee or Kusmi tea. 
Here's the food!
The savoury pastries include Italian prosciutto wrapped grilled pepper, mini shrimp salad sandwich served on a crispy crouton, mini Atlantic smoked salmon sandwich on a scone and daily quiche. The pastries were mediocre, mostly because the crouton/scone/bread were stale. 
The middle tier contained mini danishes, two scones with Devon cream and Kusmi jam. My complaint is that very little Devon cream and Kusmi jam were provided and they charge you for refills (I think it was $1 or $1.50). 
On the very top- macarons (blueberry lemon and chocolate earl grey), crème brûlée, and some sort of chocolate green tea cake. Regretfully, one of the crème brûlée was under cooked and we had to get it replaced. Overall, I wasn't too impressed with afternoon tea at Ruelo, but can't complain too much since the groupon was a pretty good deal. 
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  1. i agree! at one point i think i even saw them opening a pastry package (looks like from costco) and putting it in the mini oven!

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