August 11, 2014

Good Bites Cafe (Bay Area)

I love finding hidden gems in my travels, and Good Bites Cafe came highly recommended by one of my sister's coworker. The tiny restaurant houses around 5 or 6 small tables so we had to wait quite a while for a seat. 
Complimentary pita and hummus arrived at our table. The hummus was, hands down, the best I've ever had, and I could have easily filled up very satisfyingly just from this. I am still dreaming about it! 
Arroz Caldochicken porridge ($4.95 USD)

The porridge was similar to Chinese congee but more garlicky in flavour. This would be perfect for a cold winter day. 
Filipino breakfast with longilog and tocilog ($7.95)

This breakfast was an awesome plate of homey deliciousness! Each breakfast comes with your choice of two meats (we picked sweet sausage and sweet bacon), and includes garlic rice, eggs, and a small side salad. Who knew that Filipino sausage and bacon are so delectable? I also cannot rave enough about the garlic rice, which was absolutely addictive. 
Gary's Dream- omelette with sausage, langsilog, cheese, and onion ($8.50)

The omelette paled in comparison to all the wonderful food on the table. It was lacking in salt, although still extremely satisfying when I had the leftovers for lunch the next day.
Complimentary watermelon slices were the perfect palate cleanser after eating a lot of garlic (the Filipino sure love garlicky flavours!) All in all, it was a fantastic meal. If you're ever in the Belmont area, I'd highly recommend stopping by Good Bites Cafe. Breakfast has never tasted better. 
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