May 6, 2014

Brunch @ Rose & Sons

I had a great dinner at Rose & Sons, and wanted to come back to try their brunch. Since the restaurant is quite small, we should have known to come earlier (we arrived around 11:30), and we had to wait for a good half hour before getting seated. 
Fried chicken and soft 'n sexy grits with poached egg and green sauce ($17)
Having previously sampled Rose & Sons' fried chicken before, I was pretty confident that this was going to be an awesome dish. I was not disappointed! Is there anything better than perfectly done fried chicken topped with a runny egg? The creamy grits were also excellent (super flavourful!), but extremely filling and the only component that I couldn't finish. 
Griddled brie cornbread- brisket, fried egg, maple syrup and chili sauce ($15)
Mel is a cornbread and brie cheese lover so it's no surprise that she went for this dish. I'm not a big fan of brie cheese but tried all the other components. The cornbread was delicious- buttery and sweet, and I loved the flavour combination of the maple syrup and chili sauce. However, the brisket was a little tough, in my opinion. Overall, it was still highly enjoyable. 
Here is another shot. The presentation wasn't the prettiest but it was a solid dish. 
Bread Pudding with wild blueberries ($9)
For something sweet, Mel and I shared a bread pudding, which I've heard good things about. Although it didn't blow my mind off, it was tasty and ended the meal in a satisfying sweet note. All in all, brunch at Rose & Sons did not disappoint, and I would specifically recommend the fried chicken and grits.
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