March 9, 2014


Back in November, I had the pleasure of trying out Bent's $35 BENT-O Part II special with three friends. I am usually not the greatest fan of Asian fusion, but had heard a lot of great things about Bent and their first BENT-O. 
Our server recommended us to share the BENT-O as an appetizer platter and order a few other things on the side, and that is exactly what we did. In hindsight, I would have been happy just having the BENT-O all for myself as my meal. 
Lobster bisque with shrimp ravioli with squash mousseline
This was the only component that I did not enjoy. The lobster bisque was too salty, and the salt overwhelmed everything else.
Left: steamed braised beef bao with wild mushroom and leeks, Peruvian ceviche shooter with purée of herbed artichoke
 Right: Oyster Rockefeller Gratinée - bacon, crabmeat, spinach
The steamed braised beef bao was an interesting twist on one of my favourite dim sum items - char shiu bao! I thought it was an ingenius idea to fill it with braised beef, and this was one of my favourite things in the BENT-O. The Oyster Rockefeller was also delicious!
Tuna and Watermelon ceviche- shaved red onion, cilantro, crispy shallots, fresh citrus juice, Rocoto chili, Chinese Doughnut fritter
Tuna and watermelon turned out to be surprisingly good matches. The ceviche was light and refreshing, and the Chinese Doughnut fritter added a great crunch. 
Kale and tofu salad- sesame dressing and prickly ash
I was also impressed by this simple salad - all the components worked well together and the sesame dressing was very tasty.
Susur's Jerk spiced octopus- spiced pineapple and sweet potato
We almost couldn't tell that it was octopus on the skewer- it was surprisingly tender!
Lobster taco ($16) - Chipotle charred onion tomato salsa, mango, avocado, taro shell

We ordered a couple of other items to share. The lobster tacos came highly recommended by our server, and it did not disappoint! The taco might be small, but it packed a lot of flavours.
Braised spiced short ribs ($24) - truffled parsnip purée, roasted rosemary duck fat potato, sour cream, chives, black garlic, confit tomato 
To my knowledge, the braised short ribs are one of the greatest hits at Bent, so obviously we had to try it too. 
The short ribs were luxuriously rich and melt-in-your-mouth tender- exactly how I want my short ribs to be. For me, the best part was the truffled parsnip purée.
Roasted scallop with sundried tomato crust ($25) - buckwheat rice cake, tarragon butter sauce
I thought the crust was an interesting element, but on the whole this was not as memorable as the other dishes we had. Note that only two scallops sat atop rice cakes, so two of us (myself included) did not get to try any rice cake. 
Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Bent and I would highly recommend the BENT-O special. . Asian fusion is not very often done successfully, but Bent manages to deliver in this regard.
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