January 7, 2014

The Chase Fish & Oyster

I stopped by The Chase Fish & Oyster with two girlfriends because the restaurant offered an Instagram promotion offering 3 free oysters to the first 500 followers. 
We shared a bottle of cider ($35) to go with the food. 
First came the complimentary oysters, which were absolutely delicious! I can't remembered which variety we picked but it was plump and sweet. The accompaniments were also excellent, especially the hot sauce. 
Oyster po’boy sliders ($11 for 2) - garlic scape tartar sauce
These were tiny but packed a lot of flavours! I wanted 3 more for myself, but wished that they were slightly bigger. Each order  came with two sliders, but we were able to add a third one for an extra $4. 
Steamed mussels ($18)- garlic, white wine, laurelhouse made focaccia and apple butter
I think all the dishes are meant to be shared, but instead we decided ordered our own dishes as our "mains". That idea didn't work too well as the dishes turned out to be rather small. I had the mussels, and I was probably the only one that was full, party because it came with bread. The mussels were tasty, and I devoured the whole roasted garlic. 
Pan roasted scallop ($22) - toasted brioche, roasted foie gras, smoked duck, apple lemon relish.
Mel was extremely disappointed that her dish only contained one sole scallop. Even though it was cooked beautifully, the portion was alarmingly small, which was a bit of a let down. 
Baked clams ($15) - braised lamb neck, tomato jam, brioche crumb
Sandy described her clams as... "different". I'm not sure, in this case, that "different" was a good thing. 
Fried apple pie ($9) - cinnamon stewed northern spy apples, vanilla calvados custard & almond  praline ice cream
We ordered two desserts because my friends weren't full. Our first choice- an apple pie- was an absolute delight! The crust was to die for and I would say that this dessert was the best part of our entire meal!
Key Lime Cake ($11) - key lime curd, angel food cake, coconut cream & toasted marshmallow icing
Even though the cake looked appealing, it did not live up to the apple pie. I thought that there was way too much cream and on the whole, it reminded me of any generic fruit cake that you can get at a Chinese bakery. 
Our meal was full of ups and downs. While the oysters and the apple pie were both outstanding, but some of the other dishes were pricey and failed to satisfy.  I might consider coming back for apps and/or dessert, but I'd probably eat a hotdog first next time. 
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