December 4, 2013

Swish by Han

I've been meaning to try Swish by Han for several years now, but it never happened until October when one of my friends wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner there. It was a strange choice for Thanksgiving dinner, but I was up to try it. 
Kimchi Trio ($5)
This kimchi trio came with a table top BBQ set that we ordered, but would've cost $5 without the combo. We're used to complimentary kimchi (and banchan) from traditional Korean restaurants so we certainly were not accustomed to paying for it. 
"Bi Bim Bap" Rolls ($7)
I didn't know what to expect, but the "Bi Bim Bap" roll was more like a spring roll in terms of terms of the flavours. I get the inspiration, but I wished more of the Bi Bim Bap flavours were incorporated.
Seafood crêpes ($10)
This was probably my favourite item of the night! The crêpe was delicious and satisfying. I wished I had more than just half of one.  
"Kimchi"ed pears with stilton cheese ($8)
In my head, I thought that the flavour combination of kimchi and pear would work well. That really wasn't the case, but on the whole it was a light, refreshing dish. 
Spicy pork neck tacos ($5)
The tacos were lauded by everyone as the best dish of the night, hands down. I cannot vouch for that as I did not try any (I was going through a no meat phase!), which was quite regrettable since it did look amazing. 
Lobster "Bi Bim Bap" ($15)
Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture before our server started mixing the rice! I enjoyed the lobster "bi bim bap", but wanted a bigger portion. 
"Saam" box and spicy tofu stew
These two elements also came with Table Top BBQ set that we ordered. The tofu stew was rather disappointing and didn't taste very authentic.
Beef short ribs with "Galbi" marinade ($29)
Because I was on a no meat diet, I didn't try any of the meat. All I can say is that the portion was not very big. All in all, I found Swish by Han a little underwhelming. Even though there were some good things (seafood crêpe, pork neck taco), we weren't very impressed with the meal as a whole, and it left us with the desire to go to another Korean restaurant for a heartier meal! 
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  1. Definitely would like to go sometime! Invite me next time.

  2. This looks like the whitest Korean restaurant in Toronto.



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