October 17, 2013

川善茶居 Sinmei Tea (Hong Kong)

Sinmei Tea is a cute little tea shop near the Sheung Wan MTR station specializing in green tea drinks and desserts. I stopped by a couple times because I stayed in Sheung Wan and absolutely fell in love with everything they had!  
Left: Matcha Caipirinha - green tea, brown sugar, fresh lemonade and lime
Matcha Genmaicha Marone
- green tea, soya milk, roasted rice, and chestnut
Right: Matcha Soul
- green tea powder, soya milk, honey, almond, sultanas and sweet osmanthus flowers
I tried three green tea drinks and all of them were $32 HKD. My mom had a Matcha Caipirinha, which in essence was a lemonade with a touch of green. It was really refreshing for a hot September day. I favoured the hot drinks on both of my visits. Both the Matcha Genmaicha Marone and Matcha Soul were made with soya milk, so they had similar flavour profiles. I liked that both drinks were not overly sweet, and the Matcha Soul was my personal favourite. 
Egg and sun-dried tomato panini ($58 HKD)
All the food offerings here are vegetarian This panini - which was, in essence, a fancier egg salad sandwich - was unexpectedly delicious! I was surprised that such a simple sandwich could be so tasty. I really wished I had the recipe to make it at home.
Green tea lava cake ($68 HKD)
The highlight was definitely their famous made-to-order green tea lava cake, served with vanilla ice cream.
I'm a huge fan of chocolate lava cakes and this green tea version was definitely impressive. Let's just say that I will be coming back for this again! 
Green tea cheesecake ($40 HKD)
I also really enjoyed their green tea cheesecake a lot! The matcha flavour was pronounced and the texture of the cheesecake was perfect. 
Sinmei Tea is a great place to spend an afternoon catching up with friends. Even though the prices are on the higher side, the atmosphere is relaxing and the drinks, food, and desserts are well executed. In particular, the green tea lava cake is a must try for green tea lovers!


  1. When I began my green drink, It tasted awful to me from the get go. At that point, somebody let me know that when your physique is greatly acidic it does not tastes great until your physique comes to be more alkaline. Actually, it happened to be the situation for me and It began to taste a little better.

  2. Hi, Is there a way i could find the franchise for this business, so that i can open it in Malaysia? Thanks,

    Kind regards
    Andy Tan



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