October 25, 2013

Hot Chocolate (Chicago)

Ever since my trip to Chicago three years ago, I've been dying to try Hot Chocolate, best known for their dessert creations, courtesy of celebrated pastry chef Mindy Segal. 
The restaurant is situated in Wicker Park, an area that I've never been to prior to this visit. I was surprised to find that it was super lively and just bustling with people. Hot Chocolate was very busy and reservations are highly recommended. 
Pretzel - house-crafted soft pretzel, Carr Valley pepper jack cheese ($12)
We started with some pretzels, and these ones, I was told, are pretty famous in Chicago. However, I found the salt to be overwhelming (at first I thought they were sesame seeds!) and I had to brush most of it off. 
Crab Cake - New England crab cake, Werp Farm's bibb lettuce, and house-made roasted giardiniera tartar sauce on a house buttered bun, served with chips ($15)
This was a very very filling sandwich and in an attempt to save room for dessert, I didn't eat the top bun. That said, the crab cake was delicious and packed with crab meat. 
Chicken - roasted half chicken with chicken sausage ($22)
The chicken was juicy and moist, but I wasn't a big fan of the sausage. The element that I enjoyed the most was the vegetable. 
Chocolate "souffled" tart - salted caramel ice cream, house made pretzels ($12)
It was a really bad idea to order two entrees because we were too stuffed to order more than dessert. But we can't go to a restaurant named Hot Chocolate without trying a chocolate dessert! We ended up choosing the ever popular chocolate souffled tart, and it was awesome! The centre of the tart has a almost molten texture and  the rich chocolate paired really well with the super delicious salted caramel ice cream. Even though we were both really stuffed from our entrees, we enjoyed the dessert nevertheless. 
If I have a chance to come back, I'll definitely be having only desserts for dinner! Bonus: we also scored free parking nearby! 
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