August 23, 2013

Origin North

I've been meaning to try Origin for a long time, but upon learning that they are opening an uptown location at Bayview Village, I was too lazy to go downtown. Unfortunately, the reviews for this newest location haven't been the greatest, so I was a little worried.
The restaurant was gorgeous, though I wasn't sure why there was a motorcycle sitting by the front door. Our server came over and helpfully explained the menu to us. He recommended 2-3 items per person, which turned out to be way too much food!
Devilled eggs - smoked bacon + herbs + souffletine ($7)
Origin is quite well-known for their devilled eggs so I knew I had to try it. The presentation was great, but flavour-wise I didn't find it to be extraordinary. I probably would not order it again.
Serrano ham - grilled bread + pepper marmalade + reggiano ($16)
Surprisingly, this was one of my favourites at dinner. The pepper marmalade added a delicious sweetness that nicely counterbalanced the savoury ham.
Chinois duck - flour tortilla + cucumber + hoisin + sriracha + sour cream ($17)
This dish seemed to be a twist on Peking Duck (one of my favourite things in the world) in a taco form. And of course, the addition of sriracha made it even better! The portion is actually pretty big too- I would've been more than full if I only ate two of these tacos and nothing else.
Origin beef burger - smoked mayonnaise + avocado + arugula
I've heard some good things about the Origin burger so we ordered a combo ($25) that included the burger,  spicy spanish fries, and a cream soda. It was also ranked #13 on Toronto Life's list of best 25 burgers in Toronto. The burger was bigger than my expectations, and the patty was quite flavourful. We couldn't finish it and packed half of it home.
Spicy Spanish fries - chorizo + manchego (left) Cream soda float (right)
I would highly recommend ordering the fries- super addictive with the chorizo and hot mayo! The cream soda float is also tasty, but it was a bit too filling for me. The burger, fries, and float are $17, $12, and $7 on its own respectively, so this combo is actually pretty good value for $25.
I was beyond stuffed by the end of the meal. I couldn't believe that our server recommended 2-3 items per person. It was just way too much food and we felt a bit overwhelmed when it all arrived at the table. I think we would've been fine had we just ordered the Chinois duck, the burger, and the spicy Spanish fries. That said, I was pretty happy with the food overall, and the portion sizes certainly exceeded my expectations.
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  1. Thanks for the professional review. Will definitely check this place out. Nice res on the photos.




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