August 12, 2013

Brunch @ La Carnita

Last Sunday, I went out with a girlfriend to try out La Carnita's brunch. Luckily for us, it wasn't busy at all (unlike their popular dinner service) so we were seated right away.
Mel had an iced Mexican mocha ($3.50) with Mexican chocolate, coffee, and cinnamon. For me, it was way too sweet and the chocolate definitely overpowered coffee. It was definitely more like an iced hot chocolate than a mocha. My agua fresca ($3.50) - mango, coconut and lime for the day's selection - fared much better. It was creamy and refreshing at the same time, and not overly sweet.
Chorizo sausage taco ($4.75)- spicy maple syrup, crema, confit tomato, and cotija cheese
I loved the bold flavours of the chorizo, even though I couldn't detect much of that spicy maple syrup. This was one of my favourites at brunch. 
Cochinita pibil tostada ($5) - guacamole, achiote braised pork, fried egg
 I love anything with a fried egg on top so this was another winner in my books. The flavours were not as bold as the chorizo taco, but still tasty.
Crispy chicken torta ($6.25)- guacamole, crema, habanero honey glaze, salsa fresca, anejo cheese
The torta was more like a crispy chicken burger with a Mexican twist. I loved the habanera honey glaze, which added a fabulous sweetness to the sandwich. The overall combination of taste and texture was great. If I had to levy criticism, it would be the bun, which was a touch too dense. 
Roasted pork belly sope ($6.25)- roasted pork belly, poached egg, arbol lime hollandaise
This was the most brunch-like dish out of everything we ordered, but I wasn't a huge fan of the hollandaise, a sauce I normally love. It was too sour (presumably from the lime) for my liking. 
Churros with housemade cajeto ($5)  
Can't have a satisfying brunch without some desserts! My last few churros experiences have been disappointing, so I was glad that these ones were excellent! Overall, brunch was enjoyable, but I thought that the their tacos were more successful than the more brunch-like offerings. Nevertheless, brunch here was definitely worth a visit, but I'll be returning for their tacos for dinner.

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