June 26, 2013

California Coastal Cruise Day 5 - Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a charming, rocky island off the coast of California. But compared to the other ports, there were relatively less things to do.

We were done walking around the entire town area within 2 hours so we hopped back onto the boat for lunch. I don't like eating at the buffet so we finally tried sit-down pizza restaurant by the atrium, called Alfredo's Pizzeria. They allow you to customize your pizza, so we added a lot of toppings... maybe too much!

After lunch, we sat by the atrium and listened to some live music while eating dessert. This was one of our favourite things to do throughout the whole trip.

More desserts- this was some disgusting strawberry cheesecake.

Blueberry rice pudding.

We took a lot of these "professional photo shoots" because we had too much time.

Time to eat some more- this time for afternoon tea, which is served daily in one of the dining rooms.

I can't say that the quality was great. The only things I liked were the scone, the fruit tart, and the oatmeal cookie...

Our adorable server photobombed our picture! He reminds me of Buddha...

It seemed like we did nothing for the whole day except eat! This was my appetizer- a quail and venison terrine. I did not like it at all...

Cream of wild mushroom soup.

This was a strawberry sorbet that is meant to be a palate cleanser. My mom said it was the worst strawberry sorbet that she's ever had.

Potato gnocchi in provencale tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was not impressive, even worse than the usual canned tomato sauce. The texture of the gnocchi was also off. In the end, I only ate the zucchini.

Crispy Southern skillet fried chicken served with coleslaw and french fries. This reminded me a little bit of KFC, but the chicken could've been crispier. That said, for cruise standards, I thought it was pretty decent. The coleslaw was pretty good too, but the wonton shell was too greasy.

We had some coffee and a small plate of cookies for dessert. Overall, this dinner was not very good and I ate way too much in one day. Catalina Island was also my least favourite port. Even though it was very picturesque, there was nothing much to do and the shops in town didn't appeal to me.



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