June 5, 2013

Burger Week @ This End Up + Delux

This year, I was only able to go to one restaurant for The Grid's Burger Week. After plowing through the list participating restaurants very thoroughly, we finally picked This End Up, a cute little sandwich joint in the west end of the city. The place seemed very popular for the weekday lunch crowd.
I was a little sad that Burger Week this year didn't have the special $10 burger + beer combo. However, this particular restaurant offered a $11 combo that included the Burger Week burger + fries + Pint Vienna Lager from King, so several of us took that option. I tried one of their spring cocktails - aptly named Spring Rose ($8) with lillet rose, ginger, lavender syrup. While Mel commented that it smelled like soap, I personally really liked the gingery kick and didn't mind the floral notes.
The burger week feature was the Chutney Burger ($5)- 3.5 oz of fresh ground chuck, pork belly, aged white cheddar, umami mayo, tomato & apple chutney, and arugula. $8 will also get you a side of fries, which were thin, crispy and absolutely addictive!
I ordered a side salad instead of fries for an additional $4- arugula, pickled fennel and sweet onion, cucumber, toasted sesame seeds all doused in a tangy house vinaigrette. Given the fattiness of my burger, I was glad to have this salad to provide a bit of nutritional balance. The portion was also pretty big for a side salad, so I shared it with Mel. 
Now, onto the actual burger! The first thing that struck us was its small size. I guess it was significantly smaller than the other $5 burgers we've had at burger week last year. But in the end it didn't really matter because the flavours certainly made up for its size. The patty, although perhaps a little more cooked than I would've preferred, was amazingly juicy, and a huge slab of pork belly added a new dimension of delicious fattiness to the whole burger. I would not have been able to finish the burger if it was any bigger! Nevertheless, it was absolutely delicious and entirely satisfying.
Sef was the only one who deviated from the burger week feature and opted for the better mac ($13) - grilled 7 oz fresh ground chuck with special sauce, lettuce, cheddar, pickles and sweet onion. Any sandwiches or burgers off the regular menu automatically include a side salad or fries. On the whole, I had a very enjoyable burger experience at This End Up, and would definitely come back to try out other sandwiches were it not so far out west!
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We wanted something sweet to end off the meal, but This End Up didn't have any house-made desserts. So we ventured off to Delux to satisfy some donut cravings. Their freshly baked chocolate chip cookies ($5) were also impressive and super chocolatey. We felt like elementary school kids coming home to an awesome after-school treat (or at least I did!)
The donuts (also $5) were exactly what I wanted- crispy on the outside with a dense, moist interior. The bag came with six timbit-sized donuts coated with cinnamon sugar and served with a side of dulce de leche Chantilly cream. It was another great afternoon snack/dessert and I would order it again in a heartbeat!
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