June 25, 2013

4-Course Dinner @ Cheesewerks

A while back, I bought a Buytopia voucher for $45 (valued at $96) for a 4-course dinner for 2 at Cheesewerks. I always seem to redeem my voucher at the last possible moment, so I'm grateful that Cheesewerks extended the expiry date. The deal also included two glasses of house wine.
The first course was Cheesewerks' original grilled cheese with a blend of aged and double-smoked cheddars grilled on locally baked sourdough. It was paired with a rustic herb tomato soup- oven roasted tomatoes, garlic and thyme infused with organic vegetable broth. The soup was good for dipping, but I didn't enjoy it much on its own. It was a little reminiscent of pizza sauce. But the grilled cheese itself was fantastic and probably my favourite thing of the entire meal!
Second course- fondue with Canadian Swiss, Pinot Grigio, roasted garlic and nutmeg. It was served with artisan bread, roasted fingerling potatoes, green apples and pickled onions. I thought that the cheese was very tasty, but there was way too much for the two of us. The apples made a good palate cleanser in between bites of cheesy goodness.
The third course was the Charleston Mac and Cheese with double-cream brie, oven-caramelized onions, apricot chutney, and topped with Artisan Bread Crunch. Personally, I'm not a big fan of brie cheese, so fortunately it wasn't too strong here. The mac and cheese was surprisingly not too heavy, but I thought it could be more flavourful. In the end, I was way too full from the fondue course and had to pack most of this home to save room for dessert.
The fourth and final course was a dessert grilled cheese with melted mascarpone, coffee crisp, fresh strawberries and maple syrup. As simple as it was, the combination was delicious! I felt an urge to buy some coffee crisps and mascarpone and attempt this at home. As much as I love cheese, I was practically in a coma by the end of the meal from the overdose of cheese. That said, I would come back next time just for the grilled cheese!
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