June 26, 2013

California Coastal Cruise Day 5 - Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a charming, rocky island off the coast of California. But compared to the other ports, there were relatively less things to do.

June 25, 2013

4-Course Dinner @ Cheesewerks

A while back, I bought a Buytopia voucher for $45 (valued at $96) for a 4-course dinner for 2 at Cheesewerks. I always seem to redeem my voucher at the last possible moment, so I'm grateful that Cheesewerks extended the expiry date. The deal also included two glasses of house wine.
The first course was Cheesewerks' original grilled cheese with a blend of aged and double-smoked cheddars grilled on locally baked sourdough. It was paired with a rustic herb tomato soup- oven roasted tomatoes, garlic and thyme infused with organic vegetable broth. The soup was good for dipping, but I didn't enjoy it much on its own. It was a little reminiscent of pizza sauce. But the grilled cheese itself was fantastic and probably my favourite thing of the entire meal!

June 19, 2013

Mother's Day Dinner @ The Oriental Gourmet

I live 5 minutes away from the Oriental Gourmet and it's one of my favourite Chinese restaurant around the area! The place specializes in Chiu Chow cuisine, though I find that the flavours are still very much Cantonese in style. For Mother's Day, we opted for a $78 package meal that included most of their specialties, starting off with the pig stomach soup. I know that doesn't sound very appetizing, but I can assure you that it's delicious. 
This was some sort of fried fish with a sweet sauce. It was accompanied by mayo for dipping but I didn't find it necessary- the fish was flavourful enough on its own.

June 17, 2013

Pittsburgh Eating Diaries Part II

On the second day, we went to the Coffee Tree Roasters, a local coffee chain, to grab some breakfast. I couldn't resist trying a green tea latte (my favourite!) here and it was really really good! The matcha flavour was very intense and it was just the right amount of sweetness.
The Coffee Tree Roasters is side by side with a Bagel Factory location. My sister ordered an egg white omelette with spinach and mushroom, but it was really bland. The omelette came with a bagel and a side of home fries.

June 11, 2013

Pittsburgh Eating Diaries Part I

My mom and I made a quick weekend road trip to Pittsburgh recently for my sister's convocation. On the first day, we had breakfast at Crepes Parisiennes.
My sister got her favourite savoury crepe with mushroom, egg, cheese and bechamel sauce. This was a delicious breakfast crepe.

June 10, 2013

Birthday Celerbrations @ JaBistro

I've heard from multiple sources that JaBistro has the best sushi in the city.  So for my sister's birthday, I decided to take my family to try it out! We knew that the price tag was not going to be cheap, so it was definitely a splurge meal.
Not knowing that tea was not free, my cousin, sister, and mom all ordered a green tea ($4 each). I have nothing against the tea itself, but paying $4 seemed a bit excessively for tea. I myself got a virgin mojito ($7)- matcha syrup, simple syrup, lime, mint, and soda. I would've liked it to be a little sweeter, but overall, it was a refreshing drink. 

June 5, 2013

Burger Week @ This End Up + Delux

This year, I was only able to go to one restaurant for The Grid's Burger Week. After plowing through the list participating restaurants very thoroughly, we finally picked This End Up, a cute little sandwich joint in the west end of the city. The place seemed very popular for the weekday lunch crowd.
I was a little sad that Burger Week this year didn't have the special $10 burger + beer combo. However, this particular restaurant offered a $11 combo that included the Burger Week burger + fries + Pint Vienna Lager from King, so several of us took that option. I tried one of their spring cocktails - aptly named Spring Rose ($8) with lillet rose, ginger, lavender syrup. While Mel commented that it smelled like soap, I personally really liked the gingery kick and didn't mind the floral notes.


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