May 8, 2013

Los Angeles Revisit

This blog is going to be travel-focused for the next little while because I went on two trips in April, the first being the Golden State! I was so glad to be leaving the awful weather in Toronto (freezing rain in April!?). Our plane had to be de-iced before taking off, causing an hour-long delay.

My mom and I stayed with relatives for two days before boarding a 7-night California Coastal Cruise in Los Angeles, and straight off our flight, we headed to In N Out Burger, which is always a treat! Surprisingly I ate a lot of Chinese food in my two days in LA, but I'd always have to venture out far far away for it. In fact, I feel like we had to drive for at least 30 minutes (and be stuck in traffic) to get to anywhere! It really made me appreciate how accessible everything is in Toronto.

That said, LA was absolutely beautiful with all its palm tree lined streets.  My relatives live in Burbank and it was such a lovely neighbourhood.

My cousin was kind enough to take us shopping in Santa Monica! We were stuck in traffic for an hour, but it was totally worth it! 

Santa Monica was beautiful and I loved all the shops! It was also pretty funny to see my great aunt shopping at H&M. Honestly, every time I shop in the States, I feel that I'll never want to shop in Canada again. The selection is just so much better and everything is cheaper!

For lunch, we stopped by Joe's Pizza, which my cousin swears is his family's favourite pizza place in the world! Even though I had wished for some California cuisine, this NY-style pizza was simply out of this world! The ingredients are incredibly fresh, and the dough is unbelievably crispy! You gotta eat this hot, because when I got to my second slice, it had gotten a little soggy.

It seems like I never get enough time soaking up the sunshine in California because I'm always stuck in a car in traffic!

I'm so incredibly grateful for my wonderful relatives, who are just the perfect hosts every time I visit! Now that my sister is moving to the West coast for work, I hope to visit much more often in the future!  



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