May 7, 2013

Brunch @ Elle m'a dit

I was looking for a brunch/lunch place around the Baldwin area and since Kinton Ramen had a huge line out the door, I settled with Elle M'a Dit. This brunch happened a month ago, but I've just gotten the news that this lovely Alsatian restaurant has closed down!
I was majorly craving waffles so I was delighted to see chicken & waffles ($13) on the menu- buttermilk fried chicken breast with sweet potato waffle, maple and grainy mustard dip, and syrup. There are actually large chunks of sweet potato baked into the waffle, which I enjoyed since I'm a big fan of sweet potato. This version doesn't quite live up to the one I had from The Stockyard, but I liked it a lot nonetheless.
We also shared the croque madame ($15), which was a special of the day. The grilled bread was super crunchy and the thick-cut ham was so darn delicious! It reminded me of the one I had at The County General, less the b├ęchamel. The sides were also really well done! The home fries were super tasty and the little salad was a nice refreshing contrast to such a hearty brunch.
I had dinner here once before, and I have to say my brunch experience was actually better! Even though service was a little slow, it was perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. I'm sad to hear that the restaurant has closed down, but I'm glad to have enjoyed its food
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  1. I travel once in a while to Toronto for business and was planning to visit. So sad that I never made it and quite disappointed as I will be staying in Toronto for weeks at a time between now and end of year...
    If you re-open else where, please let me know.



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