April 7, 2013

沙龍廚房 Solar Kitchen (Macau)

Finally on my last post of my Asia trip over the holidays (and I'm just about to go on my next trip in a few days time!) I was super stoked when my dad booked a private kitchen dinner for my family, something that I've never experienced before.
Don't be fooled by the restaurant's location in a dark, narrow alleyway- the interior is bright, modern and comfortable. The owner is a photographer and many of his works are on display along the walls.
To start, we were served an arugula salad topped with seared beef. This salad was a stunner! The beef was cooked beautifully to a medium rare, and the salad was a refreshing complement. I wanted a bigger portion for myself!
I also loved the chicken course, which was roasted with some unidentifiable herbs. The chicken was excellent juicy, moist and flavourful. I definitely ate too many pieces
We also had these giant lobsters baked with cheese. My mom complained that her lobster was overcooked, but all in all, it was a crowd pleaser.
The next course was some sort of baked fish, probably my least favourite dish of the night
Our last course was these giant clams stuffed with rice. I've never seen clams prepared this way before and thought it was very interesting. That said, I could've used a little more seasoning on the rice.
Dessert was a very simple caramel egg pudding (my favourite!), served in a disposable plastic container. Not sure if they made or bought this pudding, but it was actually really delicious and was a very satisfying end to a scrumptious meal.
I'm not sure how much our meal was, but I do believe that they charge different tiers of prices, depending on how extravagant you want the meal to be. On the whole, I was pretty impressed with my first private kitchen experience (but my dad insists that he's had better meals here before). The chicken and the beef salad were the highlights for me, but in general, everything was delicious and well-executed! And that finally concludes my 3-week trip to Asia over the Christmas holidays! Next week, I'll be heading to a California coastal cruise and I simply can't wait!


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