March 13, 2013

Imperial Court 金殿堂 (Macau)

My favourite thing to do on the weekends in Macau is to try out new dim sum places with my family. My 92 year-old grandpa practically nags us to go every weekend! This time around, I decided to try a more upscale dim sum restaurant inside MGM Grand Macau. On a side note, I find MGM Grand much nicer than many of the new casinos that opened in the last few years.
Hokkaido conpoy and spring onion rice flour roll ($35 MOP)- this was pretty much like plain steamed rice flour rolls and it needed more flavour. The conpoy and spring onions were not enough!
Baked barbecued pork soft bun ($32)- I loved the texture of the bun with the slightly crispy top! It was a perfect bite of sweet and savoury together.
Conpoy and shrimp dumpling with mustard greens ($38 MOP)- it was a decent steamed dumpling, but nothing to write home about.
Deep-fried minced pork dumpling with black mushroom ($28 MOP)- now this was a more interesting choice. It looked like dessert from the outside, but the filling was actually savoury.
Dou Xiao noodles with braised shredded chicken ($138). For the price, this plate of noodle was appalling small, but it was utterly delicious! The soup base- a double-boiled pork bone broth- was delightfully flavourful, well complemented by the earthy mushrooms. Too bad that it was so expensive!
Deep-fried turnip pastry filled with Yunnan ham ($35 MOP). I can't remember too much about this dish, so it must have not been very memorable.
Sweetened black sesame roll ($32 MOP) is Imperial Court's signature dessert. I normally love black sesame in any sort of dessert, but I wasn't wowed by this one.
Steamed rice flour cake with olives seeds and brown sugar ($28 MOP) was definitely the better of the two desserts. But then again, I'm very partial to this type of steamed sponge cake. On the whole, the dim sum at Imperial Court is pretty good, but not very good value. It was good to try it out once, but I'll probably not come back.



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