March 5, 2013

Fat Siu Lau 2 (Macau)

Fat Siu Lau is an upscale Portuguese restaurant in Macau with many years of history. They have several locations all over the city and this was (surprisingly) my first experience here.
Sangria ($190 MOP for a jug here) is the default beverage in any typical Portuguese restaurant in Macau and I drink it all the time in the summer. This one was quite tasty.
Some bread to start off the meal.
Mixed greens salad tossed with a light vinaigrette dressing ($78 MOP).
Caldo verde- traditional Portuguese vegetable soup ($42 MOP).
Sautéed clams in Portuguese Style with garlic, parsley, olive oil. I loved the bold flavours, but apparently the clams were not in season.
Grilled premium grade beef tenderloin with crushed black pepper sauce ($210 MOP). This was pretty much the kind of food I grew up eating and it certainly brought back memories. I  love dipping the fries in the black pepper sauce!
Of course, a meal is not complete without some carbs, and deep fried pork chop baked on rice ($105) is often our go-to choice for that!
We couldn't pass up on Fat Siu Lau's signature dish- Superb roasted marinated pigeons ($125 each). According to the restaurant, the marinade is prepared according to their family recipe which is over 100 years old. Although Portuguese influences were nowhere to be found on this dish, it was a true stunner! I happily ate the leftovers for lunch the next day.
My dad ordered some grilled lamp chops ($180) as well. My mom and I didn't try any since we weren't fans of lamb. The general opinion on the lamb was positive.
And last, but not least, we all shared a souffle ($170 MOP) for dessert. Note that the souffle takes a minimum 40 minutes to prepare, so make sure you order early! At first, I was appalled at the price tag (more than $20 CAD), but this souffle turned out to be gigantic! It was, in actuality, not so much a souffle but more like a light and airy sponge cake. Nevertheless, it was highly enjoyable, and I swear I ended up devouring most of it on my own.  All in all, I really enjoyed the food at Fat Siu Lau, but I was less thrilled with the prices, which are notably higher than other Portuguese restaurants. That said, I would probably come back again for the roasted pigeon and souffle!


  1. I'll be going to HK, China, and hopefully Macau as well in a couple weeks. Your blog has been really helpful on giving me ideas on where to eat. Keep up to great work =)



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