March 31, 2013

御膳房 The Tasting Room by Galliot (Macau)

I can't believe I'm still blogging about my Asia trip from three months ago, but I'm determined to finish it before I go on my next vacation in April! Anyway, I'm always interested to try restaurants in casinos, even though they can be a real hit or miss. On this occasion, I had lunch with my parents at the Tasting Room by Galliot, located inside the City of Dreams (where the House of Dancing Water is situated).
Two options are available- 2 courses for $188 MOP or 3 courses for $228. Coffee or tea is included in both options.
The bread basket included 3 types of bread, all served warm with butter. My mom particularly liked the olive one.

March 26, 2013

Prohibition Gastrohouse

Sandy, Mel and I tried out Prohibition Gastrohouse for a belated birthday celebration.
Mel had the open-faced sloppy joséphine ($15) - duck fat confit lamb shank, spicy antipasto-aioli, shredded iceberg and focaccia. She particularly liked the bread. Unfortunately, I didn't try any of it because of the lamb. 

March 22, 2013

Butao Ramen (Hong Kong)

If you think that there's been a ramen craze in Toronto, let me assure you that the situation is  even crazier in Hong Kong! Given my limited time in Hong Kong (and limited stomach capacity), I had to go with the best of the best! And I hear from good authority that Butao is just that! They sell a mere 200 bowls a day and 2-hour-plus long lines are not uncommon. I was told that the Causeway Bay location is less busy than the one in Central, so that's the one we visited.
The line is so long that you typically can't line up in front of the store. Instead, they set up a line at the end of the street in an graffitied alleyway. So don't be fooled by the short line in front of the restaurant (which many people were)!

March 18, 2013

Crystal Jade Revisit (Hong Kong)

Quick post about a revisit to Crystal Jade, one of my favourite chains in Asia. I came here after another long day of shopping at Harbour City. Even though it was after 9 pm, we still had to wait for more than 30 minutes for a table.
Chicken soup ($52 HKD)- pretty expensive for a bowl of soup, in comparison to the other things we ordered. It was a little too oily for my liking.

March 15, 2013

Playa Cabana

We celebrated Mel's birthday at Playa Cabana this year for some good Mexican eats. The restaurant is very small and popular so reservations are a must!
We had some drinks to start off the night- from left to right:
Playa Paloma ($9) - a traditional Mexican margarita with Grapefruit infused Tromba blanco
Amber agave ($8) - secret house margarita made with El Jimador reposado 100% de agave, sweetened with raw organic agave nectar from the tequila plant and a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice
Mexican iced tea ($10) - Tromba blanco tequila, los Arango reposado tequila. Cazadores añeja tequila, triple sec, freshly squeeze lime, and Coca Cola
I had the Amber agave and it was, hands down, the best margarita I've had!  I really wanted to order another one, but unfortunately couldn't because I had to drive later that night. 

March 13, 2013

Imperial Court 金殿堂 (Macau)

My favourite thing to do on the weekends in Macau is to try out new dim sum places with my family. My 92 year-old grandpa practically nags us to go every weekend! This time around, I decided to try a more upscale dim sum restaurant inside MGM Grand Macau. On a side note, I find MGM Grand much nicer than many of the new casinos that opened in the last few years.
Hokkaido conpoy and spring onion rice flour roll ($35 MOP)- this was pretty much like plain steamed rice flour rolls and it needed more flavour. The conpoy and spring onions were not enough!

March 11, 2013

Buca Osteria & Enoteca

I'm not kidding when I say that I've been dying to go to Buca for awhile. But every time I make a reservation, something always comes up to thwart my plans! Finally, I got a chance to try Buca during my last (ever) reading week.
The restaurant itself is a little hard to locate because it's tucked in an alleyway across the street from Wvrst. We managed to get a 5:30 pm reservation on a Sunday (it was either that or after 9), so if you want a better time slot, you better book at least two weeks in advance.

March 5, 2013

Fat Siu Lau 2 (Macau)

Fat Siu Lau is an upscale Portuguese restaurant in Macau with many years of history. They have several locations all over the city and this was (surprisingly) my first experience here.
Sangria ($190 MOP for a jug here) is the default beverage in any typical Portuguese restaurant in Macau and I drink it all the time in the summer. This one was quite tasty.

March 4, 2013

The Pawn (Hong Kong)

The Pawn in Wan Chai is aptly named for a pawn-shop turned restaurant serving up elevated British fare. The building that it's housed in is quite unique and the architectural influence from the British colonial days is quite evident here.
We quickly devoured the warm bread, served with two blocks of butter, sea salt, and black pepper. There's nothing I like more than warm, spongy bread to start the meal! Give me more!

March 3, 2013

Dayali 大鸭梨

For Chinese New Year this year, my family went to Dayali, a restaurant chain from Beijing. 
We came during the biggest snow storm of the year, and as a result, didn't have to wait for a seat. I hear the wait is normally quite long, and they don't take reservations for less than 6 people. There are two sets of prices for the entire menu- one for VIPs, where everything is a little cheaper. VIP membership is $20 for a duration of 3 years, which is quite a steal if you plan to come here more than once. I saved $10 from this meal alone. 


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