February 4, 2013

St. Betty (Hong Kong)

I was very determined to go high tea at least once in Hong Kong. After some extensive research, I decided on St. Betty, which is located in IFC Mall. What a great place to catch a break from shopping! High tea is priced at $398 HKD for two.
I had South African Honeybush, while Jeremy had Earl Grey tea.
We had a very light lunch in anticipation of all this food! I couldn't wait to dig in!
I was very impressed with the selection of open-faced sandwiches , which included house smoked salmon, pickled cucumber, and horseradish, as well as crushed avocado, chillli jam, and roasted red peppers.
The other two are tomato salsa, pesto, shaved parmesan, and roast beef, mustard maonnaise, and charred red onions. I liked that it wasn't the typical cucumber and ham sandwiches that are often served for high tea. My only issue is that they only served one of each kind between the two of us, so we had to share the tiny sandwiches! I would've liked my own portion.
The second tier had miniature warm scones, served with two types of jam and clotted cream. Not the best scones that I've had, but the jams were delicious!
Desserts sat on the top tier. I don't have the exact description of everything, but this was probably my favourite tier! Unlike the sandwiches, they served two of everything (with the exception of the trifle in the center). The desserts were all really well-executed and I can't really name anything that I didn't like. 
I was pretty surprised that I wasn't full at all from this afternoon tea! In the past, I've always been stuffed to the brim every time I had high tea, but it turned out that portions are a lot smaller in Hong Kong. After adding the usual 10% service charge, everything amounted approximately $56 CAD for two. Although this is a reasonable price for high tea in Canadian standards, the portions are substantially smaller, which could be a good or bad thing.



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