January 18, 2013

夜上海 Yè Shanghai (Hong Kong)

At the recommendation of my sister's friend, I had my first lunch in Hong Kong at Yè Shanghai, an upscale restaurant serving (you guessed it!) Shanghai cuisine. The restaurant also currently holds two Michelin stars.
Yè Shanghai is famous for their XO Sauce, and they give you a whole jar at the table to enjoy. I had to restrain myself from slathering it on every piece of food because it was just so darn tasty! The restaurant also offers these adorable tiny chairs to hold your purse, which I think is a brilliant idea that should be widely adopted.
Before the food came, we enjoyed some barley water and tea, which were complimentary. I highly recommend the barley water, which was super delicious and not overly sweet. 
We also had some appetizing pickled cabbage to pick on while we waited for the food.
We sampled 5 different appetizers, which included Huadiao wine marinated "drunken" chicken ($68 HKD), wuxi crispy eel ($65 HKD), sea cucumber with mild chili sauce ($75 HKD), sliced pork terrine ($55 HKD) and tea leaf smoked egg ($20 HKD each). Pictured here is only one quarter of the total portions because it was split between four people. I particularly enjoyed the smoked egg with the soft yolk and the drunken chicken.
I was mightily impressed with the next course- sautéed shredded mandarin fish ($280 HKD). The noodle-like concoction in the middle the plate was actually shredded fish, which was very tender and perfectly seasoned. It also went really well with the XO sauce- definitely one of the my favourites of the meal.
To satisfy our daily veggie intake, we ordered sautéed string beans and bamboo shoots ($148 HKD). I thought it was quite pricey for a plate of veggies, but it was delicious nevertheless. Note that ordering this without the bamboo shoots would save you $60 HKD.
The next dish was another specialty- steamed pork belly wrapped with fragrant leaves ($30 HKD per piece). I could never pass on a good piece of fatty pork belly, and this did not disappoint. The leaves infused a delicate, fragrant flavour to the pork, which was a good contrast against that dark, rich sauce. The pork was served with a small bun, and the two together made a delicious pork belly bun! My only complaint is that I didn't get enough bun to accompany all of that pork!
I was craving some dumplings, so we added an order of steamed pork dumplings ($52 HKD for 4). They were good, but I wasn't wowed.
We also tried their pan-fried pork buns ($48 HKD for 4). I actually loved their preparation of 生煎包 because the bottom appeared to be deep fried rather than pan-fried! I've never had anything like it!
For dessert, my sister picked black sesame crème brûlée with peanut ice cream. It was pretty good, but I found the crème brûlée and the peanut ice cream combination to be a little too rich for me.
I went with a more traditional option- glutinous rice balls in Gui-Hua wine ($32 HKD per bowl), which I highly enjoyed. It was very delicate and light, a perfect dessert to end off a rather heavy meal. All in all, I really enjoyed my dining experience at Ye Shanghai. I thought that the food was innovative and delicious, and the service was also excellent. The price point is perhaps a little high, but definitely a worthwhile occasional splurge!


  1. I wish all restaurants had purse chairs :). So cute!

  2. Hi! Love your blog but it would be nice if you posted addresses of the restaurants (+ maybe a tiny google map?)



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