January 14, 2013

My Top 10 Dishes of 2012

Happy New Year! I intended to write this post earlier but unfortunately my laptop broke (after I accidentally spilled water over the keyboard) and I was too occupied during my recent trip to Asia, so this post is long due. 2012 was a very memorable year for me, especially in terms of travels. I was able to visit Australia, New York City, Vancouver and Pittsburgh and I had a lot of amazing food. This list is in no particular order. 
I couldn't single out a dish at Acadia's 7 course tasting menu ($39). The whole experience was phenomenal and I loved everything. Definitely one of my most memorable meals in 2012.
I also loved Woodlot's whey-fed pork chop with prune, bacon, brown bread and walnut sauce. I'm usually not crazy over pork chop (unless deep-fried), but this one was moist, flavourful, and truly delicious.
I've been to Canoe several times now, but 2012 Summerlicious blew my mind off with the tree syrup glazed beef short rib, with creamy Alliston spuds, green beans and crispy onions. This actually wasn't my entrée, but I absolutely loved it. The short ribs were beautifully caramelized and slicked with the most amazingly delectable tree-syrup glaze.
There's a reason that The Harbord Room's naturally raised beef burger is ranked #1 on Toronto Life. Indisputably the best burger I had in 2012.
Pressed Cubano from Delux. I haven't had a lot of Cuban sandwiches in my life, but this one was, hands-down, the best I've ever had. I absolutely loved the crunch of the bread and the mustard was awesome! I have nothing but praise!
In Sydney, the coffee is simply outstanding, almost anywhere! I know that an independent coffee culture is developing in Toronto, but in Sydney it was just another world! I could walk into any cafe and the coffee would almost always be amazing! I was more than happy to indulge in my caffeine fix every morning. It was definitely a highlight of my trip.
Also from Sydney, I tried the grilled eggplant with miso and parmesan from Uchi Lounge. The combination of miso and cheese is simply ingenious
I had the best pancakes in my life at Bills in Sydney. The hotcakes were gloriously light and fluffy with a lovely, slightly crisp exterior, topped off with the most delicious honeycombe butter.  I could stuff my face with these hotcakes all day long!
In Vancouver, I fell in love with Fable's duck breast ($24), served medium rare atop a bed of scallion perogie, fiddle heads and cauliflower. I just couldn't get enough of the sweet, savoury and spicy burst of flavours.

Some people claim that Momofuku's pork buns are overrated, but I still love them regardless! This year, I had them in Sydney, New York, and Toronto. By far, the NYC version was my favourite! Just look at that thick slab of pork belly!


  1. The hotcakes and honeycombe butter really got me. Must try. Too bad it isn't in TO :(!

    1. haha honeycombe is very popular in Australia.... I don't see it much in Canada

  2. You eat too much




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