January 31, 2013

何洪記 Ho Hung Kee (Hong Kong)

I had made plans for high tea later in the afternoon so we randomly found a spot to eat a snack. Little did I know that Ho Hung Kee is an extremely popular restaurant that has held 1 Michelin star for five consecutive years!

Even though the restaurant is famous for their wonton noodles, we were craving rice noodle rolls that day. So we ended up getting rice noodle rolls filled with barbecued pork ($38). The rice noodle rolls were velvety smooth and they were very generous with the amount of pork, which made me very happy.
Our second dish was rice noodle rolls filled with deep fried dough ($38). I didn't enjoy this as much because I felt that there was not enough rice noodle. It basically just felt like eating deep fried dough.
My obsession with steamed sponge cake ($28) continues and this one was so yummy hot off the steamer! Next time in Hong Kong, I'll be sure to come back to try their famous wonton noodles!


  1. Hey! What's your secret to PERFECT skin?? And Vivian has like perfect skin too omg...



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