September 26, 2012

Fable @ Vancouver

As a self-professed Top Chef fan (including the Canadian edition), I had to make a visit to Season 2 runner-up Trevor Bird's new restaurant- Fable. For those of you who watched the show, you'll know that Trevor came up with the name for the team's farm-to-table concept in the "Restaurant Wars" episode. After the show, he took the vision and evolved it into his very own restaurant in Vancouver. Trevor is joined by his fellow contestant Curtis Luk, who is well-remembered for delivering killer desserts on the show!
The interior was very warm and cozy with exposed brick walls. The light fixture with forks was particularly interesting.
Bread is not complimentary here but we were craving some, so we ordered a loaf of their house-baked rosemary focaccia ($4). The bread was delicious, but not really worth $4 in my opinion.

September 24, 2012

Joe Fortes & Suika @ Vancouver

Before dinner, I had a few drinks at Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House during their happy hour (4 pm to 6 pm, Monday - Friday) while waiting to meet up with a friend.
I heard that Joe Fortes' oysters were some of the best in the city, so we were happy to take advantage of $1 fresh local oysters special during happy hour. Be sure to sit at the bar area in order to enjoy this offer!
They also feature a half-price appetizer menu at the bar area during happy hour. We tried Oyster Rockefeller ($15.95, half price)- local oysters, spinach, pernod, and hollandaise. I didn't eat too much as I was saving room for dinner later. 

September 22, 2012

Meat & Bread @ Vancouver

I took a short trip to Vancouver with my family over a long weekend and had some pretty amazing food experiences over a couple of days. My first stop was to Meat & Bread, a very popular lunch spot known for their roast meat sandwiches. 
As you line up to order, you can see the chefs hard at work chopping up the porchetta. I was initially planning to share a sandwich with my mom, but after seeing that delicious pile of meat, I knew I had to try more than one sandwich!
Naturally, we ordered their famous porchetta sandwich. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of  porchetta, and unlike most people, I did not like Porchetta & Co at all. I was happy that I gave the Porchetta a second chance because I ended up enjoying this one a lot! It was certainly a delicious, hearty sandwich. The meat was very juicy and well-complemented by the salsa verde. In addition to the mustard, I asked for an extra dollop of hot sauce to add an extra kick.

September 20, 2012

Cuban Lunch @ Delux

Laziness got the better of me for the past month and a half so I took a hiatus from blogging! But now that I'm settled back into school, hopefully I can resume blogging. Back in the summer, I had a chance to try Delux's Cuban lunch (though I thought of it as more of a brunch!)
We started off with a plate of conch fritters ($8) served with a delicious and addictive mayo-based dip. At first, we were confused because the conch was nowhere to be found. Upon inquiry, we learned that the conch was actually finely diced and incorporated into the batter. On the whole, we really enjoyed the crispy fritters, particularly the doughy texture. I would order this again in a heartbeat.
Couldn't eat at Delux and not try their famous Pressed Cubano ($10).  I haven't had a lot of Cuban sandwiches in my life, but this one was, hands-down, the best I've ever had. I absolutely loved the crunch of the bread and the mustard was awesome! I have nothing but praise!


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