December 6, 2012

SongCook's Authentic Korean Restaurant

I have a strange love/hate relationship with Korean food. I love it because almost everything is delicious to me, but I hate it because I can never stop stuffing my face when it comes to Korean food. SongCook's is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in Toronto. In particular, I am totally in love with their Jajangmyeon! I've been here numerous times before and never blogged about this gem.
If you're looking for large variety of banchan (Korean small dishes) to start off the meal, this is not the place to be. The restaurant only offers some basic kimchi and pickled radishes. But if you have a yelp account, be sure to check in - you'll get a pop for free!
Bulgolgi ($6)- a great price for a rather generous portion of marinated sliced beef! This was quite delicious and I regrettably couldn't eat more of it as I had stuffed to the brim! 
I loved the vibrant red colour of stir fried sliced pork in spicy sauce ($6). Don't let the colour fool you though! This dish was, in fact, not very spicy at all! I would've liked a little bit more heat. But again, for $6, it was quite a good portion!
One of my all time favourites here is their Kalbi Jim ($12 for small, $24 for large)-marinated tender steamed beef ribs. Pictured here is a small portion. The meat was appropriately tender- one small tug and it came right off the bone nicely. But what I loved the most was the incredible sweet and savoury flavours! It was amazing to see that such a seemingly simple steamed dish could be so flavourful and tasty!
I am obsessed with SongCook's Jajangmyeon ($7.50)-ground beef, veggies, and black bean sauce. It was absolutely addictive! The noodles were just the right consistency- soft but chewy, and the sauce was inexplicably delectable. I could not stop myself from slurping down more and more noodles! This was completely different than its Chinese counterpart, and I must say I prefer the Korean version.
The Bibimbap ($8.50) here was not outstanding, but we ordered it because we wanted some rice. No complaints from me at all.
The meal ended with complimentary corn fritters as dessert. It wasn't anything extraordinary but it's always nice to end on a sweet note. On the whole, the food here is delicious and reasonably-priced. Be sure to check out the Kalbi Jim and Jajangmyeon!
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