December 11, 2012

Moxie's Holiday Menu

I went to Moxie's a few weeks ago to try out their Holiday Menu. In particular, there was one item that raised my interest.
And here it is: roast turkey and ham sandwich ($12.99) with bread stuffing, roasted sweet potato, fresh sage and dijon aioli & cranberry sauce. It was literally your Christmas dinner stuffed in a sandwich!
The concept sounded a little messy and bizarre, but the sandwich turned out well. All the flavours worked together and I particularly liked the stuffing and the cranberry sauce. It was a unique twist on an ordinary ham/turkey sandwich. Next time, I might try stuffing my holiday meal leftovers all into a sandwich! My one complaint was that the bread could have been sliced dinner.
Jeremy also ordered from the Holiday Menu- NY Steak with warm maple bacon dressing ($28.99) with roasted butternut squash and baby cabbage and lemon pepper potatoes. My favourite parts were the sweet and savoury dressing and the sides (though I'm pretty sure I had sweet potatoes instead of squash)! Moxie's holiday menu is available till December 24, so you know where to go if you're craving for a Christmas dinner-themed sandwich!
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