December 16, 2012

Chinese Dumpling House

Lately, as the weather is getting frosty, I've been eating a lot of dumplings... and I mean a lot! For me, dumplings are the perfect remedy for a cold, cold night. My go-to dumpling place in Richmond Hill is Chinese Dumpling House.
I tried sliced pork belly with garlic soy sauce ($5.99), a cold dish that I've loved since childhood. This one was a bit salty even though the meat was quite tasty on its own. I wished the soy sauce had been served on the side instead. 
My usual order is a basketful of pork and leek dumplings ($4.99 for 15). Cheap and delicious, you can't go wrong with the dumplings here! If leek isn't your cup of tea, there are 12 other kinds of dumplings to choose from, ranging from lamb to vegetable fillings.
Pan-fried pork dumpling ($3.99 for 6) are also among my favourites. These are incredibly juicy and flavourful, and I swear I crave them every other week.
I love my veggies, so I've tried a couple different kinds here. Pictured here is sautéed soy bean sprout in garlic ($6.99).
My favourite is garlic sautéed Taiwanese cabbage, also known as "A choy" ($6.99).
For dessert, I wasn't very impressed with their red bean paste cake ($2.99). The portion was pretty big for the price, but it was extremely doughy and lacking in red bean paste. I personally prefer Asian Legend's version a lot more. But nevertheless, I'm thankful that Chinese Dumpling House is always there to satisfy my dumpling cravings when I'm in Richmond Hill!
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