December 18, 2012

8 The Eight (Macau)

And so my vacation to Hong Kong + Macau began! I've been looking forward to this trip for a good few months now as I know I'll be having some pretty amazing food. My first meal, right off the 20 hour plane ride and ferry, was an incredible feast at The Eight, a two Michelin-starred restaurant located in the Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel.
The space is grand, classically elegant with a modern flair. I loved that the teapot was placed on a mini candle-lit heater to help it retain its heat.

December 16, 2012

Chinese Dumpling House

Lately, as the weather is getting frosty, I've been eating a lot of dumplings... and I mean a lot! For me, dumplings are the perfect remedy for a cold, cold night. My go-to dumpling place in Richmond Hill is Chinese Dumpling House.
I tried sliced pork belly with garlic soy sauce ($5.99), a cold dish that I've loved since childhood. This one was a bit salty even though the meat was quite tasty on its own. I wished the soy sauce had been served on the side instead. 

December 11, 2012

Moxie's Holiday Menu

I went to Moxie's a few weeks ago to try out their Holiday Menu. In particular, there was one item that raised my interest.
And here it is: roast turkey and ham sandwich ($12.99) with bread stuffing, roasted sweet potato, fresh sage and dijon aioli & cranberry sauce. It was literally your Christmas dinner stuffed in a sandwich!

December 6, 2012

SongCook's Authentic Korean Restaurant

I have a strange love/hate relationship with Korean food. I love it because almost everything is delicious to me, but I hate it because I can never stop stuffing my face when it comes to Korean food. SongCook's is one of my favourite Korean restaurants in Toronto. In particular, I am totally in love with their Jajangmyeon! I've been here numerous times before and never blogged about this gem.
If you're looking for large variety of banchan (Korean small dishes) to start off the meal, this is not the place to be. The restaurant only offers some basic kimchi and pickled radishes. But if you have a yelp account, be sure to check in - you'll get a pop for free!

December 4, 2012

Joey Yorkdale

Joey is probably my favourite restaurant chain in Canada, so I was delighted to learn that the newest location opened as part of Yorkdale Mall's expansion. Naturally, when I stopped by the mall to check out the new expansion, I had to have dinner here!
We arrived at 6 pm (on a Friday), thinking that there wouldn't be a wait at that time. Wrong! The restaurant was already packed with people, but luckily the wait wasn't painful at all, as the mall was conveniently located a few steps away. We waited for around 25 minutes before we were seated.
If you choose to remain in the waiting area, there are constantly food and wine samples offered. On this particular day, I sampled the Ahi tuna sashimi with watermelon and chili chicken. Honestly, I can just sit there and get full from eating samples! Even as I was heading out after dinner, they were still offering me samples.

December 3, 2012

Mei Nung Beef Noodle House

My mom and I both wanted to try Mei Nung Beef Noodle House for different reasons. I was desperately craving a good bowl of Taiwanese beef noodles, while she was looking forward to stinky tofu, which she harbours a deep love for. One step inside, we knew we were at the right place as the stench of the stinky tofu was quite unmistakable. Not that I had a problem with it, but stinky tofu is not for everyone. 
We started with two small dishes ($5.99 for two)- shredded seaweed strips and pig's ears. Both were rather mediocre and I would suggest skipping the side dishes altogether next time.
So of course we had the stinky tofu ($6.99), which came in a large heaping portion. Fortunately, this did not disappoint. The tofu here was substantial and firm on the inside, unlike the usual over-fried air pockets that we find at most night markets in Toronto. I loved that we could actually taste the tofu (and its stinky goodness), which we topped with extra chili sauce. Delish! 


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