November 28, 2012

Yuzu No Hana

I rarely eat sushi downtown, so it took a long time for me to finally end up at Yuzu, a highly acclaimed spot on Richmond Street.
This will mostly be a picture post as I had this dinner a long time ago and can't remember all the details.
Simple green salad that accompanied everyone's meals.
Tuna avocado tartare ($12)- tuna, avocado, Japanese herbs, garlic oil. Loved the pairing with the delicate tuna and the creamy avocado!
Oysters with yuzu salsa ($9)- panko crusted oysters, spicy citrus salsa.
Sushi regular ($21)- chef's selection, 8 pieces of nigiri, 6 pieces of maki.
Sashimi regular ($25)- chef's selection, 15 pieces of sashimi.
YUZU bento ($30)-tempura, sashimi, sushi, choice of teriyaki, and chef's selection of side dishes in a 2 layer bento box.
The bento box laid out. Loved the variety!
Gindara ($17) -broiled black cod with sweet miso glaze. Even though this looked burned, it was actually delicious!

Spicy salmon roll ($7).
And of course, I had to try the famous YUZU maki ($18)- shrimp tempura, spicy scallop, avocado, tobiko, seared at the table.
Can anything be more awesome than a maki roll set on fire? I didn't think so! But gimmicks aside, the roll was very tasty. On the whole, I thought everything that I tried was excellent here, and I particularly liked the YUZU maki. 
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  1. my mouth is watering from your pictures!! i definitely want to give Yuzu a try, I actually know the owner's daughter!

    1. Wow that's pretty cool! More the reason to go!

  2. hey! can you please start posting how much each item/meal you post pictures of cost? :)

  3. i can't really be a true foody because i don't really have all the money :( kind of jealous by all the stuff you post up... how much do you spend on eating out at expensive restaurants a month??

  4. all the food on this table cost a total of $139? you didn't eat all of them yourself right .... lol

    1. Haha of course not... I went to this dinner with a group of 10 people but I didn't manage to capture all of their meals!



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