November 8, 2012

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine

I came to Yang's Chinese Cuisine for dim sum twice in the last month, after my go-to dim sum restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ambassador Chinese Cuisine, abruptly closed down in September after 18 years in business (my heart broke a little).
Baked BBQ pork puffs with pineapple (L)- this was delicious, a perfect combination of savoury and sweet. In addition, the pastry was really nice and flaky. 
Deep fried minced pork and taro puffs (S)- also a pretty good version that wasn't overly greasy.
Crystal jumbo shrimp har gow (L)- one of the only misses. The shrimps were plump and juicy, but the dumpling skin was too thick and effectively ruined the delicacy of the har gow. 
Fried rice noodle roll with XO sauce (XL)- I have to say, this was not the best version I've had. In fact, the Ambassador's version was a lot tastier. But for those with a heartier appetite, it would still be a very good choice to fill you up.
One stand out was definitely the steamed soft egg custard buns (L). I find that this dish is usually either a hit or miss, and here it was executed very well. The bun to filling ratio was just right (usually there's too much bun), and the runny golden custard center was absolutely heavenly.
For a lighter dessert, I would recommend chilled crystal jello with fresh lily and fruits (M).
The rest of the food is from my second visit. First up, steamed rice noodle roll with jumbo shrimp and yellow chives (L). Again, the shrimp was excellent, but the yellow chives were nowhere to be seen (or perhaps I was just unlucky). Nevertheless, this was generally well done.
Here we have deep fried meat dumpling (S) and steamed BBQ pork bun with abalone sauce (S). As with the baked BBQ pork puff, the filling here was excellent, and the bun was delightfully fluffy.
The avocado and shrimp roll (L) didn't look overly fancy, but it was actually very tasty. I didn't detect a lot of avocado, but I liked the roll a lot nevertheless.
I confess that I have a slight obsession with pumpkin, so I couldn't go pass baked cashew and pumpkin puffs (M). The puffs adorably resembled tiny pumpkins, complete with a cashew stem. But flavour-wise, I wished the pumpkin was more intense.
Another sweet dish I enjoyed was the steamed mango custard layer cake (M). Aside from my affinity for custard, I really loved the lightness of the cake. The mango was a nice addition that didn't overwhelm the custard flavours.
On the whole, the dim sum here is well-executed and tasty, albeit quite pricey (tea is $1.20 per person, S- $3.10, M- $4.20, L- $5.20, and XL- $7.80). That said, I enjoyed the food a lot so I will likely come back for more dim sum. And on top of that, no crazy wait time here! What more can I ask for?
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