October 4, 2012

La Carnita

Having tried La Carnita's tacos at TUM before, I was super excited when they finally opened a restaurant at College and Bathurst.
We started with tortilla chips with guacamole ($6.50. The chips were super crispy and I could probably eat buckets of that guacamole. Delish!
I insisted on trying the avocado mango salad ($8) with cilantro, lime dressing, queso fresco and pepitas. More avocado? Why yes please! The salad was tangy, creamy, and refreshing all at once! I highly recommend it!
And then there were the tacos. $5 per taco may seem expensive but these ones are on the bigger side.
In Cod We Trust – Voltron sauce, lime crema, pickled red cabbage, green apple and cilantro. Of course I had this one at TUM before and this version was just as delicious.
Pollo Frito – peanut mole sauce, pickled green cabbage and salsa fresca. The fried chicken was super crunchy (perhaps a little bit too much so), but I enjoyed the combination of the pickled green cabbage and tomato salsa.
Chorizo- mango salsa, pickled red onion, quesa cotija and cilantro. I didn't expect the chorizo to be so crumbly, but I loved the pairing of its rich meaty flavours with the mango. Honestly, I couldn't decide which taco was my favourite! I genuinely enjoyed all three!
We had a variety of pelatas ($4) to choose from, but after all the rave reviews I've read, there was no doubt in my mind that I would go for lime pie with salted graham crackers. Jeremy found the lime to be overwhelming, but that was what I loved about it. The salted graham cracker crust was amazing!
The other dessert we tried was the churros ($5), which came in a cute little cup with housemade cajeta. According to wikipedia, cajeta is "a Mexican confection of thickened syrup usually made from caramelized milk". It was similar to dulce de leche, which made it perfect for churro-dipping. By the end of the meal, I was in sugar heaven! All in all, I thought that the food at La Carnita was fantastic, and I actually enjoyed it much more than Grand Electric. Can't wait to come back!
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  1. Hi Precilla! Do you have an email address where I could contact you? I'd love to ask you some questions about the Toronto food scene. Thanks so much! - Frank

    1. Hi Frank! feel free to email me at carameleggpudding@gmail.com



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