October 23, 2012

Holy Chuck

I've been meaning to try Holy Chuck for awhile, and finally managed to drag a bunch of friends to accompany me! 
We tried two milkshakes ($5.49 each)- Happy Frappy and Grandma's Apple Pie (my choice). The happy frappy tasted very strongly caramel. Personally, I preferred my Apple Pie milkshake, which tasted remarkably like an apple pie, served with vanilla ice cream. There were actual chunks of apples in the shake and I especially loved the intensity of the cinnamon!
Mitch and Sandy ordered the Greek Bahahastard ($10.99)- two lamb patties, caramelized onions, and topped with a roasted red pepper and garlic feta aioli. I didn't try this burger since I don't eat lamb, but I was told that they undercooked Sandy's burger. Other than that, the burger was quite well-received by my friends. On a side note, the fries were excellent and Sandy's chipotle mayo dip ($0.99) was absolutely addictive!
Henry opted for their signature Holy Chuck burger($9.99), which is a double cheeseburger with bacon and caramelized onions. I had a small sample and liked it quite a lot. Sometimes, simplicity goes a long way.
Jeremy had to save room for chili fries so he ordered a Jr. cheeseburger ($5.99). As for me, I opted for the Mad Cow, which consist of an animal feed (panko crusted portobello mushroom stuffed with feta and cream cheese, deep fried and topped with a lemon and herb aioli) and a single beef patty ($10.99). On the whole, I enjoyed my burger, but it was really really filling, even though I tried my best to distribute it to my friends (thanks Henry for eating our leftovers!). I recently tried Shake Shack in NYC and the Mad Cow definitely wasn't as good (the deep fried portobello mushroom was heavier here). But since I don't go to NYC often, Holy Chuck seems to be a good substitute. Of course, I still need to try Burger's Priest's version!
Henry and Jeremy also ordered Holy Chuck fries ($5.99) with bacon, double cheese and topped with homemade vino chili. The first few bites were delicious, but after awhile it just became... too much! The portion was alarmingly large and Jeremy and I couldn't finish ours. Henry did finish his but was so full that he skipped dinner that night. Next time, I will stick with having the fries on its own.
Overall, I think Holy Chuck was an enjoyable experience, but we were all in a food coma after the meal! To my surprise, we managed to finish most of the food in the end (thanks to Henry and Mitchell) but many of us felt compelled to work out after such a fatty, artery-clogging meal. I thought that the burgers were pretty good, but not amazing. My favourite was probably the milkshake, and I am tempted to come back to try other varieties (nutella and salted caramel!!!)
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  1. I definitely like the shakes at Holy Chuck - I've had the PB&J shake and the bacon-choco-chili shake. I think they use PC brand PB&J ice cream as a base for the PB&J shake? Couldn't really taste the bacon in the choco-chili shake.
    Burger's Priest compares very well to Shake Shack's Double Cheeseburger, according to quite a few people who have had both - but I'm also hearing that BP's Queen East location is much better than the North York location.

    1. Definitely hoping to try Burger's Priest soon!



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