September 20, 2012

Cuban Lunch @ Delux

Laziness got the better of me for the past month and a half so I took a hiatus from blogging! But now that I'm settled back into school, hopefully I can resume blogging. Back in the summer, I had a chance to try Delux's Cuban lunch (though I thought of it as more of a brunch!)
We started off with a plate of conch fritters ($8) served with a delicious and addictive mayo-based dip. At first, we were confused because the conch was nowhere to be found. Upon inquiry, we learned that the conch was actually finely diced and incorporated into the batter. On the whole, we really enjoyed the crispy fritters, particularly the doughy texture. I would order this again in a heartbeat.
Couldn't eat at Delux and not try their famous Pressed Cubano ($10).  I haven't had a lot of Cuban sandwiches in my life, but this one was, hands-down, the best I've ever had. I absolutely loved the crunch of the bread and the mustard was awesome! I have nothing but praise!
Mel tried the Cuban Medianoche ($8) with cider cured pork shoulder, ham and gruyere on a fresh baked soft bun. This sandwich was also very enjoyable with a softer overall texture. The gruyere melted beautifully into a gooey mess over the pile of savoury ham. While I preferred my Cuban Sandwich, this was Mel's favourite.
Mona also ordered a sandwich with achiote and lime chicken, avocado, tomato, aioli on fresh baked bread ($9). For me, this sandwich, while tasty, was the weakest one of the three. We wished that the bread had been toasted.
All in all, we had a fantastic lunch at Delux. The sandwiches here are wonderful (especially the Pressed Cubano), and I look forward to coming back to try their famous steak frites for dinner!
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