August 6, 2012


For Jeremy's birthday, I took him to Bestellen for dinner, though truthfully I was the one craving for a good burger. Having heard some good things about their steak and burger, I was eager to try for myself.
We requested to sit by the windows for optimal lighting. The restaurant is pretty big with lots of seating so getting a reservation was pretty easy.
And past their dry aging room where house-cured meat and aging steaks are on display, there is another dining room with more comfortable seating.
We started with fried zucchini blossoms ($7). The cheese was a little salty, but the snack was otherwise enjoyable.
The Butcher's Daily special was an 8 oz sirloin tip with chimichurri ($29). The steak definitely wasn't the most tender cut of beef, but it was extremely flavourful. I personally prefer more tender cuts, but at the same time, I was totally in love with the fattiness of the sirloin tip, especially that distinct layer of fat beneath the seared crust. We also had a choice of side, and I went for baby beets and greens. The beets were delicious, but the greens got a tad greasy from all that beef fat.
And of course, I had to order the Bestellen burger ($18) with caramelized onions, raclette, house-made bricohe and accompanied by a huge pile of frites.
The burger patty, cooked to medium-rare, was moist, extremely juicy and just bursting with flavour. The brioche bun held up quite well, so that the whole burger wasn't a mushy mess. I personally prefer burgers to be sweeter, so I really enjoyed the caramelized onion component. This was definitely a very good burger, and the fries and house-made smokey ketchup were excellent accompaniments. At $18, I find it a little pricey, but not to an unaffordable level.
The only disappointment of the night came in the form of dessert. We decided to share a funnel cake ($7), expecting an elegant, refined version of the Wonderland staple. Unfortunately, the dough here was completely over-fried to an unappealing dark brown, with some parts being outright burned. Furthermore, there was a greasy, unpleasant aftertaste to the whole thing. In fact, I found this funnel cake even greasier than the Wonderland version. Lesson of the day: funnel cake tastes better with ice cream! The dessert disaster was such a pity since the rest of the meal was highly enjoyable. Nevertheless, I was extremely let down by the dessert and really wished that we had just gone somewhere else for ice cream instead!
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  1. This place looks lovely! I love the rustic-ness of it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I would hope that when you are writing "reviews" that you act like an unbiased reviewer and leave your personal preferences out of it. If you are informing people of what is good and what is not, it is irrelevant what your personal preferences are. There is a certain ammount of responsiblility if you are "marking" a restaurant. Just plain unprofessional.

    1. Thanks for your input, but this is a personal blog so I do feel entitled to have personal preferences and opinions.

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  5. Your still not understanding, and so many other people have expressed the same thing to you. It shows a lack of experience and food knowledge when you include personal preferences.No one cares... readers want to know about the atmosphere, service, level of food, execution, taste etc.If they should check out the restaurant. Personal likes and dislikes really take away from it. If you are writing about someone's business, lively-hood, you have a responsibility. If it is personal as you say, then write in a diary. The moment you put it out to the's not personal anymore. I have seen many blogs that give proper reviews,without personal bias, you should check out a couple.



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