July 27, 2012

Pizzeria Libretto Danforth

I loved everything about my visit to the Ossington location of Pizzeria Libretto, except for the hour long wait. Enter the Danforth location which, to my delight, accepts reservations! The capacity is also a lot bigger. On this particular Saturday night, I managed to score a seat by the window at 8 pm without reservations!
For the two of us, we ordered two appetizers and one pizza. First off, we started with gnocchi fritti with lemon, chives and crema fresca ($5). I loved the crispiness of the fried exterior, and I thought this would be the perfect snack to go along with a pitcher of cold beer. The creamy lemon crema fresca was also super tasty, and I would definitely order this again next time.
Next up, we had spicy meatballs with tomato sauce, bomba, grana padano and crostino ($9). I haven't had a lot of Italian meatballs in my life, but I have to say that this was the best I've ever had! The meatballs were incredibly juicy and bursting with rich meaty flavours, and that tomato sauce was absolutely scrumptious! I really wished I had more bread to soak up all that delicious goodness! In the end, I used the leftover sauce as a dip for my pizza crust. Not a drop went to waste!
It was a hard decision to choose a pizza, but we ended up going for the daily special pepperoni pizza ($16). The pizza was just as amazing as I remembered it to be from my Ossington experience. One bite in, and I was reminded why the pies here are repeatedly voted the best in Toronto. I was so tempted to order a second pizza, but wisely resisted the urge to save room for dessert. But I'll definitely be back soon to try their famous duck pizza!
We were in a bit of a sweet mood so we ordered two desserts that night- Libretto tiramisu ($7) and posset al limone ($7) with chamomile granite, citris and meringue. Both were excellent! The tiramisu (which I've had before) was a dream of creamy deliciousness adorably served in a mason jar. The lemon posset (a thickened cream dessert) also impressed me. I really enjoyed the textural mix of creamy, crunchy, and icy altogether in a bowl, topped with a refreshing addition of citrus fruits. Needless to say, the two desserts left me very satisfied. All in all, it was another sensational meal at Pizzeria Libretto! Everything- from appetizers to desserts- was executed brilliantly and I can't wait to come back for more pizza!
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