June 18, 2012

Glow Fresh Grill @ Shops at Don Mills

Since I've exhausted all the restaurant choices at Shops at Don Mills, I finally decided to give Glow a try. It's not that I shy away from healthy food, since I usually eat extremely healthy at home. But I just never really found tasty healthy food away from home. I had hoped that Glow would change my perception of that, but unfortunately, it simply affirmed my bias.
I started a fresh pear juice ($5), which turned out to be the single most flavourful item that I ordered.
But the meal didn't start badly at all. We were served three types of complimentary dips- (from left to right) artichoke, tapenade and sundried tomato.  The artichoke was my favourite, and I almost wanted to use the leftover dip to flavour the rest of my food.
Melissa ordered a gourmet turkey burger ($16) topped with dried fruit chutney, served bunless with maple sweet potato wedges and grilled asparagus. I think she had the best entrée out of all of us. The sweet potatoes and the fruit chutney were both very flavourful. I'm not quite used to having a burger without the bun, but all in all this was a relatively enjoyable dish.
Admittedly, it took a lot of effort on my part to convince my boyfriend to give Glow a try. He flinches at the very thought of "healthy food". He went with a safer choice- Wagyu beef burger ($22) featuring Paradise farms naturally raised beef burger on a kaiser with chopped lettuce, horseradish mayo, and homemade ketchup. The burger was served with a side Caesar salad and BBQ chips. Honestly, his burger wasn't that bad. The bun was a little dry, and the patty could use a little more seasoning, but on the whole it was passable. But at $22, I felt that it was vastly over-priced. I could've gotten a much tastier burger for half that price!
Mona ordered shrimp pesto linguine ($19)- tiger shrimp with whole wheat linguine noodles tossed with basil pesto, roma tomatoes, olives, red onions and topped with feta cheese. I have no idea how they could render pesto so flavourless. The entire dish could be summed up in one word- bland.
As for myself, I was lured into ordering a bowl of black bean soup ($7) by the promise of guacamole. But to my utter disappointment, there was only a small dollop of guacamole in my soup. The soup itself was decently flavourful, but I'm not the biggest fan of black bean and I only wanted half the bowl. I wished they could just let me order a side of guacamole!
The other part of my dinner was Lobster Mac & Cheese ($14) with tender pieces of Atlantic lobster baked with aged cheddar and gruyère cheese (no cream or butter). I should've known better when I read "no cream or butter". Despite the appealing presentation, the mac & cheese was bland and the sauce was extremely watery. I felt like Kraft Dinner might've tasted better than this rendition. In conclusion, next time I want to eat healthy, I'll save some money and eat at home.
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  1. I've had so many horrible experiences with pesto - sauced pastas. And now I just don't order it at all or I asked if they could change it to a tomato cream or something...

    1. The problem wasn't really the pesto... just the general lack of any flavours!

  2. ugh, that mac and cheese dish was the biggest disappointment cuz it sounded the best out of all our dishes



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