June 6, 2012

Dinner @ District Dining (Sydney)

After a long day of sightseeing, we stopped by District Dining for our last dinner in Sydney. District Dining is known for putting a modern twist to tapas-style sharing plates at an affordable price. The interior featured stylish wooden flooring and walls, and it's the kind of place that you would want to relax and have a drink after work.
I ordered myself a spiced pear bellini, which I very much enjoyed. It wasn't very sweet, but I could actually taste the fresh pear in my drink!
We ordered a daily special appetizer- leek and gorgonzola croquette with mushroom purée. This was probably my favourite dish of the evening! I'm not a big fan of blue cheese, but the gorgonzola here wasn't overwhelming and worked really well with the flavours of leek and mushroom. My only complaint was that the cheese croquette was quite rich and heavy, and I didn't really want to eat more than one piece.
The other appetizer that we shared was crispy quail eggs with tarragon mayonnaise ($14 AUD). I was impressed that each egg was golden and runny in the centre, but I was a little underwhelmed by the flavours. I found the eggs underseasoned, and the pairing with the tarragon mayonnaise was overly rich.
Our last dish was chicken liver parfait with port jelly, toast, and red grapes ($20 AUD). I love chicken liver parfait, but my issue here was that the jelly was way too sweet! I felt like I was eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich! Great for dessert, maybe, but not so much as a savoury dish.
Thankfully, we ended the meal on a bright note. For dessert, we shared a white chocolate cheesecake with passionfruit sorbet ($14 AUD). The cheesecake + white chocolate is a magical combination for me, and this cheesecake was full of creamy goodness! At the side, the tangy passionfruit sorbet served as a super intense contrast to the richness of the cake! On the whole, I enjoyed my dinner experience at District Dining, but I might have not ordered the right dishes. Nevertheless, the dessert was awesome and saved the meal!
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