June 9, 2012

Dining Date Night @ Trevor Kitchen and Bar

I was thrilled that Trevor Kitchen and Bar joined Dining Date Night, since I had a fantastic Winterlicious experience here earlier this year. I was quite excited to try their regular menu this time and getting 30% off our bill just sweetened the deal some more. We sat at the dining room this time, so the lighting was marginally better.
We ordered a daily special appetizer to share- ahi tuna tacos with mango salsa ($17). I loved the brightness of the mango and the tuna was sweet and fresh. It was a delicious bite to start off the meal, and I wished we had gotten two orders instead of one!

Chenny had lobster and prawn spaghettini in cognac and chive sauce ($25). The pasta was super tasty but also extremely oily. The chive sauce was really delectable, but I certainly wouldn't have been able to finish the whole bowl in one sitting given all that oil.
Yi ordered grilled pork chop with apple and ancho chili preserve, haricots verts and grainy mustard jus ($27). The portion was very big, though I couldn't help drawing mental comparisons with Woodlot's pork chop, and unfortunately, this wasn't as good.
I opted for buttermilk fried chicken with creamed corn and rapini in honey bourbon dressing ($26). It was a great plate of comfort food, and I especially enjoyed the creamed corn even though it was very rich. The fried chicken could have been juicier, but overall it was very satisfying.
Jeremy's choice of entrée was filet of beef tenderloin with horseradish crust, fingerling potatoes, and double smoked bacon ($35). I thought that the horseradish crust was really salty, but other than that, the steak was cooked properly and everything was tasty. Bacon is always an added bonus!
And once again, the meal ended with complimentary cotton candy, and this time we devoured it quickly (since we didn't order desserts). On the whole, the meal was highly enjoyable, and we saved $37.50 with our discount. I'm already thinking about coming back for Summerlicious!
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  1. I love Trevor Kitchen & Bar! I was so happy when DDN added them to the list of restos :) Too bad the pork chop wasn't that great; I don't like pork chops in general though.. I find them too dry.

    1. I know! I rarely ever order pork chop when I'm out... but the one from Woodlot was really really good!



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