June 8, 2012

Charlie & Co Burgers (Sydney)

Thanks to ANZAC Day celebrations (the Australian version of Remembrance day), many restaurants were closed in the morning and early afternoon, and we had to resort to eating at the mall food court at Westfield Sydney.
I've always been curious about the "Aussie burger", so I was somewhat glad that we had a chance to try it out. The typical Aussie burger features toppings like beetroot, pineapple, and a fried egg in addition to the usual lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese.
I ordered a Wagyu & Co Burger ($16 AUD), with beetroot relish, pickled gherkin, lettuce, aged cheddar and aioli on a sesame bun. I would've loved to try a burger that also included the pineapple and fried egg, but I went with the wagyu burger in the end because of the higher-quality meat. We also shared a side of onion rings ($7 AUD), which were quite delicious. The batter wasn't too heavy and I could actually see the onions.
As for the burger itself, it was good, but it also wasn't anything spectacular. I've certainly had better burgers in Toronto! The pickled gherkin and beetroot relish tasted just like regular pickles, and I'm not a huge fan of pickles in my burger.I regretted not trying their Federation burger, which includes tomato relish, tomatoes, lettuce, aged cheddar, fried egg, bacon, sautéed onion and aioli. In the end, I really didn't feel that I had the full Aussie burger experience, so I'll have to hop over to Gourmet Burger Company soon and try their Aussie Burger.
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