June 26, 2012

Burger Week Stop 1- Hrvati Bar

I was super stoked about The Grid's Burger Week, in which 20 participating restaurants added a special $5 burger to their menu.  I absolutely love burgers and it was really hard to narrow down my choices from those 20. Finally, I settled on Hrvati Bar since I've been hearing raves about their unique Croatian burgers. The restaurant was quite tiny with limited seating: a long picnic table in the centre, several high bar tables that seats two, and a few seats at the actual bar. Mel and I arrived relatively early at 6 pm and managed to grab the table by the window.
Hrvati Bar also offered a special beer and burger pairing ($5 for the beer), featuring Muskoka Brewery beer. We were also gifted with a Burger Week beer glass to take home! Unfortunately, the beer was a little too strong for me and I could only finish half of it.
And finally... the burger!!! Hrvati Bar's offering was a variation of their famous Pljeskavica with Ontario beef, smoked mozzarella and caramelized onions, all surrounded by a Croatian lepinje (steamed bun). The stand-out component was undoubtedly the steamed bun. I loved, loved, loved its chewy texture, and that was what made the burger so unique as a whole. In addition, the patty was super juicy, and the caramelized onions added a perfect tinge of sweetness. I also loved the use of mozzarella for its gooeyness! It was quite a substantial burger, but I enjoyed it so much that I couldn't help devouring the whole thing! It may not be the most attractive burger, but it was certainly a uniquely delicious one.
What a great start to Burger Week! By the time we left around 7 pm, the place was packed and people were waiting out the door! Next time, I'll be sure to make a reservation before I come.
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After dinner, we swung by Acadia for some drinks.
I had a non-alcoholic black tea sour and Mel ordered a cocktail called Nectar of Life. Even though her drink was a lot more visually appealing, we both agreed that mine tasted a lot better.
We also snacked on some Acadia cornbread, served with sweet potato and bourbon butter. We've been on a hunt for good cornbread for awhile and sadly these did not live up to our expectations. Perhaps we're not very good judges of cornbread, but we would've liked them to be slightly sweeter. These weren't remotely sweet at all.
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  1. love the burger, disappointed with the corn bread =P

  2. love the burger, disappointed with the corn bread =P



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