June 20, 2012

BTS Cafe (Adelaide)

Cupcakes are all the rage around the world, even in Australia. After brunch, we ventured to an adourable cupcake shop called BTS cafe.
I loved the classy pink and black decor. I would love to have a room like this!
And of course, we had to check out the cupcakes too! They come in two sizes.
Since we were really really full from lunch, we ended up sharing two mini cupcakes between the three of us- salty dolls and farm boy. The names were pretty hilarious.
The bite-szie cupcakes were adorable! I preferred the farm boy (spicy pumpkin cake with maple frosting), but both were moist and delicious. I can't really recall anything else about the cupcakes since I only had half a bite to sample from each one.
Cupcakes make great Mother's Day gifts, don't you think? Too bad mine doesn't like cupcakes!
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