June 25, 2012

Brunch @ Table 17

It has been more than a year since my last trip to Table 17. Considering how much I enjoyed my dinner last time, I'm surprised that it took such a long time for me to come back for their brunch (and I was only motivated by the imminent expiration of my voucher). I'm used to long waits for brunch, so I was delighted that there was no wait at all at 11:30 am on a Saturday morning! Table 17 might just have become my new favourite brunch spot!
We started off with some brunch drinks- from left to right: Blanche de Chambly and OJ ($5), grapefruit juice ($4), and mimosa ($5). Next time, I'll probably stick to coffee.
Mona ordered the quiche of the day ($10), featuring porcini mushrooms, spinach and piave, served with cherry tomato salsa and fresh greens. We all enjoyed the quiche very much, and I particularly liked the earthy mushrooms! The side of green salad was lightly dressed and balanced out the heaviness of the buttery crust. Furthermore, the portion was perfect for a girl's appetite!
My brunch choice was the Cuban sandwich ($10) - Black forest ham, roast pork, mustard, pickles and Havarti cheese and I chose the side of green salad over fries. I'm obsessed with grilled and pressed sandwich of any kind, really, but this one was fantastic! I loved the crispiness of the grilled bread and the tangy mustard! Normally I'm not a pickle-lover, but they work perfectly well here with the mustard and cheese.
Mel has a big sweet tooth so she opted for pain doré ($10) - brioche French toast served with cinnamon crème anglaise and fresh berries. I could've used a bit more of crème anglaise, but all in all, it was still very tasty.
I finished the meal with a latte ($4) so that we could use up the $50 voucher value. On the whole, it was a lovely brunch and the food was excellent! The prices are very reasonable, and I appreciate that they don't overload your plate. A lot of brunch places really go big on the portions, but I felt comfortably full after this meal. I will return very soon for dinner again!
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  1. that cuban sandwich and quiche was so good

    i should've asked for more sauce for my french toast!



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