May 29, 2012

Mother's Day Dinner @ Simple Bistro

I was out of ideas for where to go for Mother's Day, so I randomly selected a restaurant that had availabilities from Dining Date Night. We haven't had French food for awhile, so I picked Simple Bistro, which I've read good reviews on yelp.
The complimentary bread was super dense, so we didn't enjoy it very much.  Even the delicious butter couldn't save it.
My mom loves oysters, so we ordered the feature of the day- Beau Soleil Oysters ($9 for 3). I can't recall what's in the mignonette, but I remember that the oysters were sweet and fresh.
Grilled Ontario Harvest sweetbread with roasted St. David's red pepper marmalade ($14). We loved the red pepper marmalade. The sweetbread was fine, but I prefer the deep-fried version.
Everspring Farms duck terrine with Bumper Crop asparagus, pickled rhubarb, Kozlik's mustard, toast ($11). The duck was quite pleasant, but the mustard was really intense- one little dab of it overwhelmed everything!
Wild Atlantic diver scallops on barley and nettle risotto, samphire, double-smoked bacon crumble ($26). This was my favourite course of the evening. The texture of the barley was perfectly for a risotto, and I loved that delicious green sauce. The scallops were cooked nicely and the bacon crumble provided a nice crunch.
Pudding Chômeur- Warm nutmeg cake, Calvados maple cream, brown butter ice cream (normally $9, but if you order an appetizer and main course, they'll take $5 off your dessert!) I can never resist ordering a pudding chômeur because of my love for warm gooey desserts. This one was a lot better than my experience at The Drake Hotel last time, but it didn't blow my mind away either. I guess I'm still on the search for the perfect pudding chômeur!
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