May 6, 2012

Meet up @ Cafe Ish (Sydney)

And so my Aussie adventures begin! Before my trip, I must have spent hours and hours doing research online, and I was delighted to find a very vibrant food scene in Sydney, and in particular a very sophisticated coffee culture (there are very few Starbucks around the city). I was extremely impressed with the coffee in Sydney (and also in Adelaide). I could literally walk into any random cafe on the street and the coffee would almost certainly be very good, if not excellent. My mom and I met up with my sister in Sydney at a Native Australian/Japanese café bar called Café Ish that was a short 4 minute walk from our hotel.
My sister ordered a long black, while I opted for a more unique offering- wattle maccacino, which is coffee flavoured with wattleseed extract and macadamia ($4.10), both served with a small snickerdoodle cookie. I loved my wattle maccacino! It was on the sweeter side, but it  had a lovely nutty flavour. I drank a lot of coffee on this trip, and this was definitely, and this was one of my favourite cups.
It was a no-brainer to order Cafe Ish's famous crab omelette with kara-age soft shell crab, avocado and shallots, garlic, chilli, soy and ginger dressing ($16.50). From the description, I already knew that I would love the dish since I'm a big fan of eggs, soft shell crab, and avocado.
And as expected, I loved the omelette! The flavours were very Asian, especially the garlic, chilli, soy and ginger dressing. It was an interesting mash of ingredients that worked really well together. The soft shell crab managed to retain its crispiness, and the chunks of creamy avocado were delicious additions to the lightly beaten eggs.
We sat for a long time, so we ordered another round of coffee. This time, flat white for my mom and hot chocolate for me. For those not aware, a flat white is a popular type of coffee which originated in Australia, similar to a latte, but uses microfoam. My hot chocolate was served in an egg-shaped "hug mug". According to Max Brenner (an Israeli chocolate shop chain quite popular in Australia), "the mug is shaped so that you can hug it in both hands to create the ultimate experience of coziness, warmth and fragrance." How adorable is that? I fell in love with Cafe Ish quickly and I really wanted to come back for breakfast for my last day in Sydney. Sadly, it was closed that morning due to Anzac Day celebrations (Australian version of Remembrance Day). Really wish that a cafe like this one would pop up in my neighbourhood!
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