May 22, 2012

Dinner @ Fabarnak

Fabarnak is a super casual eatery located inside a community centre in the Gay Village. According to their website, at least 60% of their menu is sourced from local farmers and producers and they want to establish a menu that is "delicious, adventurous, fun and ethical". On this occasion, they were very kind with accommodating our party of 11.
Braised range-free chicken ($12 for some and $17 for more) - house pasta, white wine, stewed tomato, baby leeks, caponata, pecorino. I had a couple of bites of the pasta and I liked it very much. The pasta was slightly on the softer side, but by no means mushy. The tomato sauce was also very tasty.
Beef brisket ($12 for some and $17 for more)- field mushroom potato hash, caramelized onion, and fried egg. I can't remember whether this was the some or more version, but the flavours were very bold, especially the curry-like sauce on the potatoes.
Most of the party opted for their signature square peg, which is Fabarnak's version of a bento box. The square peg comes in two sizes ($10 for "some" and $15 for "more") and the offerings change on a daily basis. For that day, we had (counterclockwise from top right) duck liver parfait on toast, seared beef with pickled cucumber, potato salad, and finishing with devil's food cake for dessert. I was already sold upon hearing duck liver! Pictured here is the bigger size.
Starting with the duck liver spread on toast- I thought the bread was slightly stale, and I would've liked it better had it been toasted some more. The potato salad was tasty, though perhaps a little too heavy on the mayo. The beef had great flavour, but I had difficulty chewing through it, so I ate one piece and gave the rest of my friend (and traded him for some pasta). The chocolate cake was also too sweet for me, and I gave most of mine away as well.
I really loved the whole concept of Fabarnak, but sadly I wasn't a big fan of my square peg that night. That said, the prices are very reasonable, so I would definitely give this place a second try, but I'd probably order a sandwich instead next time.
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