May 14, 2012

Breakfast @ Bills (Sydney)

According to my research, Bills is a breakfast/brunch institution in Sydney, famous for their fluffy ricotta hotcakes and sweet corn fritters. I was warned about long queues on the weekend, so I decided to go on a weekday.
When we arrived, I was starving because we had walked uphill for 20 minutes to get here. My mom was not happy at all about the pre-breakfast uphill trek.
My mom wanted something lighter, so I ordered her two soft boiled eggs with buttered sourdough soldiers ($11.50 AUD).
The first egg was cooked perfectly with a beautiful runny yolk. I also loved the crispy sourdough soldiers which were cut to the ideal size for dipping. Unfortunately, the second egg was a tad overcooked. Not sure if it was because we let it sit for too long while finishing the first egg.
I was eyeing Bill's famous ricotta hotcakes ($18.50 AUD) from the very beginning, served with fresh bananas and honeycomb butter. I didn't care much for fresh bananas, but the honeycombe butter was divine!
The hotcakes were gloriously light and fluffy with a lovely, slightly crisp exterior. What made it better was the melting honeycombe butter and a drizzle of maple syrup. Honestly, I wanted to stuff my face with these hotcakes all day long! These were by far the best hotcakes I've ever had, and I actually cleaned my whole plate, a rare feat for me. Thankfully, there was a whole lot of walking for the rest of the day to help me burn off the meal!
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