May 25, 2012

Breakfast @ BangBang Espresso Bar and Cafe (Sydney)

Another breakfast in Sydney, another uphill trek. (Next time I'll choose a hotel that's not situated at the bottom of a hill...) This time, I chose a cozy neighbourhood cafe nestled in a terraced-lined residential street in Surrey Hills.
Did I mention that I love decor? The large windows allow maximum sunlight to flood into the room. And best of all, there's a gigantic painting of headphones with the cord stretching across the interior of the cafe.

I can never resist getting coffee in the morning because they're always so darn delicious! This was no exception. My mom opted for a cappuccino this time, while I had my usual flat white.
I was saving up room for an epic lunch so we only ordered one thing to share- sweet corn fritters topped with 2 poached eggs, crispy pancetta, and a drizzle of maple syrup ($16.90 AUD). We also added a side of bacon for $4.50 AUD.
This was possibly my favourite breakfast dish out of my entire trip! The corn fritters were absolutely delicious! I'm the biggest fan of the sweet and savoury combination, and this dish was the perfect showcase of that. The eggs were poached perfectly- egg yolk oozed over the corn fritters like a golden, creamy sauce. The pancetta- artistically fanned out on top of the eggs- added a crispy textural component that contrasted well with the rest of the plate. Of course, I might've tipped the balance off to the savoury side by the addition of extra bacon, but they were delicious nevertheless! Overall, it was a sensational breakfast dish!
What a fantastic breakfast to start off a long day! I think I miss this place already!
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