May 20, 2012

Bar eats @ Momofuku Seiōbo (Sydney)

I have to admit that I didn't make plans to visit the Star Casino until I found out that David Chang opened a Momofuku restaurant there! Yes, I know that Momofuku is coming to Toronto soon (so excited!), but since I've never been to any of them in NYC, I wanted to try it out. Reservation availabilities are released 10 days ahead online, and it's notoriously difficult to get one. I wasn't particularly interested in their tasting menu since I was saving up for a more spectacular meal later in the trip. To my delight, they had a little known 5-seat walk-in only bar table offering an à la carte bar menu, which worked out perfectly for me.
I showed up at 7 pm on the dot when the restaurant opened to ensure that we wouldn't have to wait for a seat
The small bar menu consisted of 6 items, and we only ordered 4 of them. First, we started with pickled eggs ($4 AUD), which was pleasantly tart to whet one's appetite. The golden yolk had that perfect, half-cooked consistency.
Momofuku is perhaps most famous for their pork buns ($14 AUD for 2), so naturally I had to try it.
The pork buns were everything I dreamed of and more! The warm bun itself was amazingly soft and everything kind of just melted into a delicious mess in my mouth. I loved the contrast of the tangy Sriracha against the fatty pork belly, and the combination worked incredibly well. The flavour profile reminded me of Peking duck wraps (which I adore), so next time I might be tempted to squirt some Sriracha onto my Peking duck.
Next up, spanner crab roll with celery salt chips ($19 AUD). I loved the contrast between the cold crab-mayo mixture and the toasted buttery bun. My only complaint was that the bun was slightly greasy. The chips on the side were very crispy, though I couldn't detect any hint of celery (which was good news to me).
And lastly, we had an order of confit chicken wings ($16 AUD). The portion was noticeably larger than the other dishes, so we were definitely full by the end of this.
The chicken wings were sticky, sweet, and makes you want to lick your fingers clean. All in all, they were very tasty, though not quite as unique as some of the other items that we tried that night. 
I definitely had a very positive experience with the bar menu at Momofuku Seiōbo. The food was delicious, the prices points are much lower than the tasting menu, and best of all, you won't have to go through the painful task of getting a reservation. Note that momofuku cookbooks and the lucky peach magazines are also sold here. I'll be checking out momofuku's Toronto outposts for sure!
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  1. Can't believe you went to a momo without me

    1. Can't believe you went to China without me!



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