March 27, 2012

Dinner @ La Maquette

After my sister left to study in Australia, I was left with the lovely task of using the voucher that she bought for La Maquette. I haven't read great reviews, so I was a bit apprehensive to go. Anyhow, when I tried to book reservations two days before the voucher's expiry, I learned that the restaurant was actually closed for both of those two remaining days (a Sunday and the Family Day Monday). After some communication (and frustration on my part), the owner Ange was kind enough to extend my voucher for a whole month. I do want to take this opportunity thank her for making the accommodation.
I saw a picture of La Maquette's speciality wild mushroom strudel ($16) with leek and spinach cream sauce in another review, and I was immediately tempted to order it. The presentation was beautiful! But unfortunately, the plate didn't arrive hot enough. The sauce, although very tasty, was already cold and seemingly congealed. The pastry was also lukewarm, but the flavours of the mushrooms were admittedly bold and delicious. Sadly, the temperature ruined what could've been a great appetizer.
My choice of entrée was the pan-seared scallops ($34) with creamy roasted asparagus risotto, red caviar, and cream sauce. In general, this was well-executed, and I was reasonably pleased with my plate of food.
My only real complaint was that the scallops were slightly overcooked. The seafood cream sauce was delectable, but it also made the risotto exceedingly rich. I became very full from all the cream after a short while.
In comparison, my mom's main- roasted Muscovy duck breast ($36) with blackberry and apple reduction and sweet potato- was a complete disaster! The duck was extremely undercooked, to the point where we couldn't cut through the meat with our knife. And worse of all, it tasted like rubbery, raw beef! The sweet potato fries were blackened and charred, resulting in an unpleasant bitterness. In the end, we packed most of it home. The duck became more edible after my mom rinsed off all the spices and cooked it some more.
For desserts, I figured that it was hard to go wrong with a traditional crème brûlée ($12), which was supposedly garnished with fresh fruit and a cookie (the cookie was nowhere in sight). However, I was wrong! The brûlée top was so incredibly thick that I had difficulty breaking through the top with my spoon! It was actually hurting my teeth to chew through that thick layer of sugar crust, so in the end I just ate all the custard underneath.
In summary, the food was underwhelming, to say the least. I don't think my mom will order duck breast ever again at a restaurant after this experience. However, the restaurant itself was quite lovely, and the service was generally good, albeit a little slow. That said, I probably won't be returning any time soon, if ever again.
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  1. The restaurant is so pretty but ya, guess yelp is right =P

    1. I tried really hard to like the restaurant but the food was just... sigh...

  2. I've been there on two occasions (Winterlicious and a company Christmas party) and for both times they've missed the mark.



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